The Crow's Nest - March 26, 2011

The weather is a little cooler today, but have we ever been experiencing wonderful, wonderful weather. A few golf carts have been out and around town with the mild weather. It has been so much fun to take daily walks around town and see windows open letting in the fresh spring air! Trees are starting to bud out and tulips are sticking up through our black, black dirt.

There was excitement around town Sunday night as a pickup truck was coming from the west on County Road 9 when it went in to the ditch and landed in Mike Nelon's home which is just out of town. The trucked ended up going under Mike's front deck and in to the house. Mike recently had heart surgery so I am sure this unexpected visit was a shock to his system. I understand the driver was air-lifted to Fargo. We live just on the corner coming in to Edinburg so we saw all of the emergency vehicles that surrounded the accident. Lights were even put up on the football field for LifeFlight. It is awful when things like this happen. I hope everything is okay with the driver.

We had a fabulous time in Arizona, but it is good to be home. O my, but we enjoyed the sunshine everyday.

Rose Denault is again serving noon meals at the Fireside Lounge. Laurie Foseide is helping her. Rose has a "special" each day and also a short order menu of burgers and such. She had a kitchen put in along with other remodeling. It is wonderful to have a place to go eat.

This is the week the change-over should take place for the new website. I think I have said before you, the reader, should not see too many differences. But for me, it is a whole different ballgame using a new program. There are just the little kinks that need to be worked out----and they will.

Hope all is well and we will talk later.


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