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A very belated “Happy New Year” to everyone. January is almost over and I am finally getting back to “taking care of business”. I guess I spend too much time listening at the “Table of Knowledge”. With nothing else to do, many, many guys seem to gravitate to the table. The only way I can keep abreast of ALL the gossip is to be there. Jim Kertz has been on convalescence leave since having knee surgery and keeps the table “lively”. Dale Sondeland is at the table also. Dale just had his second knee surgery. He says he is doing okay and is going through lots of rehab therapy. There gets to be a lot of “give and take” and plenty of bantering back and forth. There must be a rotating group of at least 14 guys. There is a wonderful camaraderie amongst them. Thankfully they welcome the female gender when they come.

Jim (Kertz) loves to “stir the pot” at Cenex with LeRoy so there is always lots of stuff going on. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Jim reminisces about Edinburg in the past. Jim’s remembrances are much younger than mine as I suppose I am about 10 years older. He has lots of stories to tell about himself and his brother Joe working at “Iva’s” (Johnson’s Food Store). Joe comes down also (he IS NOT on convalescence leave) to add to the mix of people. Joe has stories to tell also. It is fun to be there.

Goodness sakes, last week we had temperatures in the 50’s. This week we had a low of minus 17. WOW! I know I was very complacent with the wonderful, mild winter we had---until this past week. Our first real “snowy and wintery” day was this last Thursday. It was really blustery. I will not complain as we have had an amazing winter.

I remember years ago when auto-starts and such were not even on the horizon. Many a cold, wintery night we left “Pa and Ma” Monson’s home in Edinburg to drive 6 miles west of town to our home. Our car never seemed to warm up until we got the to the “Gemmill” road. Then the cars were not even that warm!! Do any of you remember that????-----and then those cold, cold school bus rides to out of town basketball games!!

I guess our beloved “SIOUX” logo will now be retired. I do not LIKE it, but I know it is in the best interest of the sports teams. I am sure the apparel and the chanting will NOT leave the “Ralph” in the near future. Hockey fans are more than vocal. This is one aspect of UND life that will not fade away easily. I know I will be one of those that will continue to wear my Sioux clothing for a while. I promised myself I would TRY to transition----and I will.

Our hearts and our thoughts go out to the families of Lillian Troftgruben and Verna Olson. Lillian died at the age of 92 and Verna was 93. Both of these ladies gave much to the community. Lillian was involved with Odalen church. She was always there everytime “lunch” needed to be served. The “Odalen Ladies” was a very small group, but they continued to be in charge. Memories of Lillian are great. Again, Verna died at the age of 93. Verna was a very active member of the Trinity WELCA. Verna was also involved with the “Quilting Ministry” of Trinity. To both families I offer my sincere sympathy AND the knowledge that WE are now the oldest generation. To me that is quite an eye-opener. LIFE DOES GO ON.

Beverley Hall has been out in Boise for a while visiting with daughter Connie and family. Jackson and Tayor Hall were out there as were Ruth and Greg accompanied by grandson Jase. Jodi (Jase's mom) surprised Beverley by also going for a weekend visit. Fred and Dorothy are going out now to accompany Beverley home. I know they have had a fun, fun time.

Jan and Rod Nygard are in Florida soaking up the sunshine.

Hope all is well and we will talk later.


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January 22, 2012

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