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What a perfect summer’s day! The temperature is hovering around 85 degrees, the sun is shining brightly with hardly a cloud in the sky and there is enough of a breeze to make this a truly a perfect day. Sadly the days are getting shorter. I find myself waiting until nearly 6 am to walk each morning. I guess this phenomenon should not be a big surprise as I have experienced the longevity of days for 67 years.

There was quite a group of motorcyclist’s town this morning. I understand there was a “Poker Run” held at various bars in the area. Mountain also was celebrating August the Deuce today. Highway 32 going through town was mighty busy!

I had a call from Steve (Sonny) Johnson last night. Steve and Marilou live in California, but Steve grew up in Edinburg. I had asked for information on this website about who lived in the house to the east on Peppermint Hill. Ken Holand wrote saying that Ted Torgeson lived there. Steve told me originally George Howe and his sons Fordis and Donald lived there. Steve is a wealth of information on the history of Edinburg. He told me that at one time Edinburg had either 6 cafes or grocery stores at the same time. It is so much fun to visit with him and I enjoy every time he calls.

I think I am safe in saying everyone in the community was shocked after hearing about the horrendous killings in Norway. Many of us are of Norwegian descent that it somehow seems to almost get personal. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the grieving families.

Lynette Langerud is truly in our thoughts and our prayers. She recently had quadruple by-pass surgery. Lynette is at home and is recovering. This made many of us sit up and take notice. We wish Lynette a very speedy recovery. We need her back up and running as the annual “Turkey Supper” is not that far away------just kidding Lynette!

Okay, if any of you who graduated from Edinburg High School in 1962 are reading this, please email me if you are interested in a 50th class reunion next summer. Russell Hanneson and I live here and as Russell works at Borg Home in Mountain we thought the 2 of us could have a reunion party at Borg??!!! (I am being facetious). Les Jensen called and said he was all in favor of having a class reunion. Maybe some of the classes close to the ’62 class would also like to be a part of it. Please send me your thoughts.

Sympathy goes to Judy (Rike) Evens on the death of her husband Morris. Morris was 72 and had fought a blood disorder for the last 2 ½ years. I see Judy quite often as she lives in Grafton.

Ruth and Greg Hall just got home from a quick vacation trip to Medora. Ruthie said they golfed “Bully-Pulpit”. Steve and Mary Langerud also were at Medora. They took their 3 youngest grandchildren along to enjoy the area.

There will be lots of visiting in town this coming week. Connie Simpson and family are coming from Boise to visit her mom Beverley Hall. Joann and Steve Swenson are coming from the cities also to visit. David and Loretta Monson are waiting for John, Kristina, Madelyn and Olivia to arrive from Carson City. NV. Scott and Katie Knoblach and Axel are coming from Savage, MN and son Paul will be here from Fargo. Grandpa and Grandma Monson have lots of activities planned-----from horseback riding to coulee exploration.

I am dodging the gravel trucks daily each morning as I walk, so I look forward to our evening golf cart rides around town. We are busy making plans for a month in Arizona this winter. Life is good in Edinburg. Talk with you later.



July 30, 2011

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Population: 252 (last census)
Founded: 1882
Land Area: .787 sq. kilometers
Families: approximately 137