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Water, water everywhere!! O’my gosh! We just spent a week south of here in Tonganoxie, Kansas. Our trip going down and coming back was marred by lots of detours. The “Mighty Missouri” River has truly shown its power. We were diverted from Sioux City, IA to north of St Joseph, MO. The upside of the detours was enjoying the beautiful Iowa country side along the 2-lane roads we took. The landscape was rolling hills with lush foliage and field upon field of corn.

I know everyone is well aware of the awful devastation caused by the flooding in and around Minot. Our daughter Kris and family live there, but fortunately their home is situated on one of the many hills surrounding the city. Their home was spared, but our son-in-law Jason’s sister and family had their home flooded. Kris says it will take months to get Minot back to somewhat of a “normal” state. My heart just aches for everyone affected by this force of nature.

We are having gorgeous weather in Edinburg. The crops and gardens will surely benefit from the warm temperatures. This is what summer should be----cool in the early morning hours and then 80+ degree temperatures in the afternoons. I love being able to open all the windows and let the cool breeze come in. It is wonderful to hear the “sounds of summer” also. Our houses are shut up tight at least 9 months of the year so I welcome this great weather allowing me to “open up”. Temperatures in Kansas were terrible!! Everyday we were there temps hovered around the 98 degree mark with heat indexes of 110 degrees. Add on the humidity and it made for scorching weather.

I am living a TRAMATIC GARDEN NIGHTMARE and it is of my own making!! Last summer I planted a Chinese lantern plant because I thought I could use the flowers in a floral arrangement. What a dumb thing to do. No one told me how much trouble this little plant could become. Early this spring I read a gardening column where the author said never plant Chinese lanterns in your garden as they spread and are SO prolific. How right he was. I swear new shoots pop up in front of my eyes as I am pulling them out. How can one little plant cause so much trouble? O well, at least I do have the pretty papery orange flowers that I harvested last year.

Pam Sondeland just returned from England. Pam was born and raised there. I believe 2 of her daughters went with her. I haven’t talked with her, but I am sure she had a wonderful time.

We got word that Marjorie Sunde has died. Marj and her husband Pastor Orv Sunde lived in Edinburg before moving to Minnesota after Marj got sick. Our sympathy goes to the Sunde family.

It was great fun having our cousin Karla (Monson) Lapinski and her husband John spend a few days with us on their way to the east coast. Karla and John live in Pulsbo, WA. We had a great time driving around Edinburg on golf carts and just acting silly. O for the days of our youth!

Have a great day---come enjoy the Ribfest the 17th------we will visit later.



July 8, 2011

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1. North Dakota hosts almost fifty local and regional rodeos that attract hundreds of cowboys every year.

2. The coastline around Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota is longer than the California coastline along the Pacific Ocean.

3. During the Lewis and Clark expedition, each of the men ate 9 - 12 pounds of meat per day to keep warm. This was when they were staying at Fort Mandan.

4. It wasn't until 1987 that North Dakota passed a law making English the official state language.

5. Devils Lake is the largest natural body of water in North Dakota. Deriving its name from the Native American word Miniwaukan, early explorers incorrectly translated the word to mean Bad Spirit.

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