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There seems to be slight possibility springtime will soon come to this area. We have experienced a cold, cold spring. Some parts of North Dakota had up to 8 inches of snow last week. Flooding has really been a problem all around North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba. Parts of Interstate 29 were closed at various times from the South Dakota border to the Canadian border. Slowly the water is receding. We have had a couple of days the temperatures have reached the 60’s. Snow is predicted for parts of northern Minnesota tomorrow.

It is also cold in other parts of the country. We returned from the Seattle area about 10 days ago. Bbrrrrrr----it was cold and wet out there. Of course, I did not take the appropriate clothing. It was worth the inclement weather to truly have a great time visiting family.

I HAVE GONE IN TO A DEEP DEPRESSION-----well, not really, but; I am SO sad to learn that the afternoon soap opera “ALL MY CHILDREN” is going off the air. I have watched this tear-jerking soap for the last 40 plus years. What ever will I do from 12 noon to 1 pm every day?

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I know we did. Our daughter Kris and family came from Minot to be with us. Our 16 year old grandson Lane called me last Wednesday night asking what I was going to fix to eat. I told him I thought we would have pork tenderloin Saturday night and then have brunch food on Sunday after church. Lane asked if I would consider fixing fondue and raclette instead of pork tenderloin. Ross Langerud fixed me up with 7 lbs of sirloin. Six people ate 179 pieces of steak. (I am not a meat eater). I also fixed raclette (the “poor man’s” supper in Switzerland). I have a raclette machine that is used for melting Swiss cheese. We pour the cheese over boiled potatoes and eat it all with dill pickles. It is SO good. Our evening of fonduing did not go by without its problems. All of a sudden our fire alarm kept going off. We could not figure it out. Then I remembered----I had bread under the broiler. I have never seen such charred bread. The craziest thing is there never was a burnt smell in the house. I hope our grandson Cole’s friend Caitlin will come back to visit again. She experienced playing corn hole, eating potatoes and pickles together and fire alarms.

I complained about our lack of spring a couple of paragraphs above. I have to amend that thought a wee bit. Yesterday the temperature was warm enough that I saw 6 golf carts (mine included) enjoying the sights of Edinburg. My suspicions that spring being here is here has been confirmed. Three bugs went “SPLAT” on my windshield today as I was driving home from Grand Forks.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Lawrence Sondeland. Lawrence will be missed by his big family and the many people who called him friend.

Happy 60th birthday to Ina Spanier. Birthday wishes go to Stephanie Gestson and LeRoy Pederson also.

Have a great day and we will talk later. Dave and Mike, A very special 42nd Happy Birthday to both of you. mom



April 27, 2011

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2. Words that soak into your ears are whispered, not yelled.

3. Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads.

4. You can not unsay a cruel word.

5. Letting the cat out of the bag is a lot easier than putting it back in.

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