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THE STORM THAT WASN’T and THE STORM THAT WAS!!!! About ten days ago the weather service “tickled us” with the big snow storm that was going to hit northern North Dakota. We all hunkered down waiting for the storm to come---it didn’t. It hit Minot and then veered to the south of here hitting the Fargo area big time. We didn’t even have a flake!!!!

Last Friday weather predictions were for snow storms to hit this area yesterday. This kind of threw our little community club group into a panic as our annual spring brunch was scheduled for today. We hoped this storm may just decide to move south as most of the weather did this winter. WELL, IT DIDN’T!!!!!!

Ruth, Dorothy and I were down at the Community Center this morning at 5:30 am wondering what we should do. Heavy, wet snow was coming down fast and furious. Temperatures were hovering around the freezing mark. Fresh flowers were on every table, wonderful breads were made, gravy and biscuits plus scrambled eggs were ready to fix. Again, what should we do? To top it off there were about 40 different decadent desserts ready for everyone to enjoy. We finally decided to prepare for maybe 150 people (we were originally expecting over 300). WELL, LET ME TELL YOU!!!!!!! We had an overwhelming crowd come to enjoy our 4th annual “Kick It Up A Notch” brunch. We think we served about 350 people. We had diners come from Fordville, Lankin, Park River, Hoople, Mountain, Gardar, Adams, Grafton, Pisek, Crystal and probably places I didn’t mention. Our small group of “community club members” really had to “KICK IT UP A NOTCH” this morning to prepare for the huge crowd that braved the weather conditions to attend. It truly is so reaffirming to experience and enjoy the validation we get from all the people who come. Every minute of stress is really worth it all.

I have to send a special thank you to Sharon Laxdal. What a sweet, sweet lady she is. The US Senate declared March 30th as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”. To acknowledge Chuck’s military service and particularly his 3 tours as a pilot in Viet Nam she sent him a box of candy with a lovely note. What a meaningful gesture. Tears are falling from my eyes as I write about this. We spent 27 wonderful years on active duty with the military but I vividly remember how very painful the Viet Nam era was for us. Military people were not warmly received often times. Thank you Sharon for your thoughtfulness.

About a week ago Carol Bjornson mentioned it would be fun if some of us got together and made some quilts to send to Japan after their devastating earthquake and tsunami. She thought a goal of 25 quilts was doable. Well, 32 quilts were cut, pieced and tied within 5 days! Seventeen people helped make the quilts, but countless others generously gave money to help defray the expenses of batting and backing. It truly was a wonderful community project. Thank you Carol for coming up with such a great idea.

Exciting times are coming this next weekend as our UND Fighting Sioux Hockey team heads for the Twin Cities to skate in the “Frozen Four”. We will be in Seattle, but will try our best to watch the games.

Congratulations to Fargo as being named the “Toughest Weather City in the Nation” by the Weather Channel. They beat out Bradford, PA. Fargo has had a lot of tough weather this winter.

It still is snowing outside, but I do have tulips that are up on the east side of our house. That gives hope that spring will soon be here. Have a great day and we will visit later. GO SIOUX!

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April 3, 2011

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2. Why do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes up front?

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5. Why is it lemon dish soap is made with real lemons, but lemon juice is artifical flavoring?