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The frenzy of holiday preparations is over so I guess we can sit back and relax a bit. Christmas time is always such a glorious time of the year. I know I complain a wee too much about everything I have to get done-----baking, sewing, shopping, etc., but it truly is a wonderful ritual to go through every year.

This year we held our annual Monson Christmas Eve morning brunch and gift exchange at our home. It is a great time for the “family” to get together. We eat heartily and then start the “cut-throat” gift exchange. Gifts are snatched out of hands quicker than a blink of an eye. TJ is as devious as they come. This year he was able to figure out a way to get the gift he wanted by making sure Katie did some wise maneuvering. It really is a fun time.

All the cousins are no longer able to participate as they are spread through-out the country and can’t be here at the same time. We do enjoy a third generation with two of our grandkids (ages 18 and 15) and then Ruth and Greg’s 5 grandchildren (2 one year olds up to age 7). It is so much fun watching the excitement of the very young.

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church, Trinity Lutheran. At this time we do not have a pastor but lay people filled in as leader and readers. Jan Johansen did most of the work in arranging the service. It was full of beautiful music and word. We sang the Christmas carols and listened to vocal groups, trumpet and saxophone solos plus organ and piano. The congregation participated with response readings. The quietness of singing “Silent Night” by candlelight just had me in tears. What a way to celebrate the Christ-child’s birth.

So what do we do now for excitement? I am all "atwitter" with anticipation to work on financial reports for different organizations. I seem to end up with note pads and paper all over the counter and a long roll of paper hanging from my adding machine before I get every report to come out to the penny. My brain needs a rest when I finish.

2010 is definitely going out with a bang. Blizzard conditions prevailed yesterday and another blizzard is on its way for this evening into tomorrow. Yesterday there was a 100 car pile-up on Interstate 94 outside of Fargo. Our new governor, Jack Dalrymple, has declared a state of emergency for North Dakota. Both Interstate 29 and 94 are closed in a great portion of the state. Even today most of the state is shut down. Ruth Hall said her daughter Jodi and family can’t even get out of their house. They live just north of Fargo in Riles Acres. Yesterday’s blizzard was named CASEY by the Grand Forks Herald. The expected blizzard for tonight will start with a D. We will find out its name tomorrow. I guess we will all hunker down for the onslaught. I think we are able to cope a bit easier with wicked weather than other parts of the country. It seems most of the US have really had their share of bad weather also.

I know this coming weather will put a crimp in many New Year’s Eve plans. I hope everyone stays safe and sound. A very Happy New Year to all you faithful readers of the Crow's Nest.


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December 31, 2010

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If you were to make a New Years Resolution, what would it be?

Jim Kertz: He could not think of a single thing.

Elroy Brandvold: He would make the one he made 10 years ago. Problem is he can't remember what it was!

Larry Pewe: He said he was going to just stay home with sweet Carol as tomorrow is their 49th wedding anniversary.

Joe Kertz: He "wants" to get more exercise.

Chuck Mielke: He is going to try to make Rita (me) start the transition to an updated website.

LeRoy Pederson: He wants next year to be as good as this last year.

(above quotes came from the Table of Knowledge).

Sadie & Abbie Sondeland: They want to finish the school year by doing their very best.