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Have you ever been so fond of something that you just could not bear to part with it even though you know it is ridiculous to hang on to it? Yesterday morning I decided to meet this predicament head on and make a decision. I have owned a black sweatshirt for the last 25 years. It was full of holes, stretched out and thread-bare, but it was like a security blanket. Once I decided to throw it away I took it to the waste basket and held a little ceremony over it. I made Chuck participate. I know he thinks I just fell off the turnip truck. It indeed was a sad occasion.

The weather has been very hot and humid. It is wonderful growing weather for the crops. Field harvest has started. Gardens are flourishing and bushes/trees are heavy with fruit. We were out at David and Loretta’s farmstead and picked lots of raspberries. I got 16 jars of seedless raspberry jelly. My kids think I’m nuts to go through all the work of picking each seed out one by one (shhuuss—don’t let them know I really don’t do that!).

I saw the craziest thing on the way home from Grand Forks last Thursday. A car followed me for quite a while. I noticed it had a Minnesota license plate on the front. Finally it decided to pass. Don’t you suppose it had a North Dakota license on the back of the car. Now that is duel citizenship!

We just bought a new computer with Windows 7. I know it will really be good, but has it ever sent me in to a tailspin! I use FrontPage for the website-----Windows 7 will not acknowledge that program. So, I was a total wreck when I thought I had lost the tools to update the website. After some searching I found FrontPage on my laptop. I can still work with the site, but have ordered the new generation of MicroSoft Expressions to use. Now I just need the expertise and help of someone knowledgeable to help me set it up! At the present,I can no longer archive previous issues. I hope this can be rectified with the new program. Please hang in there during these changes.

Oscar Byron has retired. Oscar taught for 50 years. That is quite a record. He told me he is looking forward to retirement.

Patsy Foseide has been in the hospital as has Maxine Sveen. Arnold Bjerke was also hospitalized. Arnold had major, major surgery last winter and still is recuperating from that. He has spent the summer custom combining from Texas to home.

Our sympathy goes to Lillian Troftgruben and family on the death of Harold this week. His funeral was yesterday. Hartley, Chuck. Faye, Irvin and families were here.

The extended “Monson Family” enjoyed having kids and grandkids home last weekend. It is great when we can be together.


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August 9, 2010

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Secrets for a Happy Life

1. Lose your life to find it. Happiness comes to you when you bless others.

2. Be content with what you have. A person could have all the material things and still be unhappy.

3. Overlook offenses. Thinking about a wrong from someone leads to stress and unrest.

4. Each day is a gift. Each day is a gift, please don't waste it.

5. Learn to talk softly. A loud voice with a wrong tone pushes others away.

taken from the "HAPPINESS" magazine given away by Market On Main.