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Goodness but Edinburg was alive and active yesterday afternoon. We had our city-wide and country-wide yard sale. It was scheduled for yesterday and today. It seems like everyone did their shopping the 1st day. Our garage sale was almost sold out within 1 ½ hours. It was pretty quiet around town this morning.

The seniors have graduated so school year 2010 has wrapped up once again. We didn’t get to Edinburg’s graduation as we were in Minot for our grandson’s graduation. Brother David said the Edinburg speaker was really long winded. His wife, Loretta was the speaker!! The seniors asked Loretta to make the commencement address.

Edinburg not only has traffic when there are yard sales. You should see the streets between 6 and 7 AM! There are many people out walking and enjoying the sights and sounds of early morning. I see Orlyn and Sharon Nygard out and about as is Vera Brandvold. She not only walks in the morning, she walks in the evening also. Rosemary Denault and her puppy, Lacey are out walking also. There is a young man that goes by me most every morning on roller blades while I am making my way from the north end of town to the south end on highway 32. I am guessing this guy probably is a counselor or something at the Park River Bible Camp. Carol Bjornson and Loretta Monson walk a wee bit later in the morning.

We have had our fair share of rain----and wind. Last Wednesday it was so windy it was hard to keep the car on the road as I went to Grand Forks. I think it has been unusually cool also. Just waiting for some real warm weather to help all the plants grow. That is enough complaining about the atmospheric conditions.

Our Edinburg Community Club is sponsoring an “Art and Hobby Fair on Main” the 30th of June. We are asking local residents to showcase their hobby. I know Dale Gemmill paints and has many canvases to display. Alfred Hanson of Mountain does beautiful wood working and will have his work there also. We are hoping for those that quilt, needlepoint, sew, scrapbook, do floral arranging and even have a specialty in the field of cooking to come and let everyone enjoy their talents. The Halls are providing food for everyone as a celebration of the 60th year they have had a wash plant in Edinburg. I know this will be a fun night for everyone who journeys down to Main Street.

The orioles, hummingbirds and catbirds are back. I’ve made grape jelly twice and will make another batch tomorrow. I surely don’t want the birds to go hungry.

Fred and Faye (Troftgruben) Kohlmeyer are here for a couple of weeks. They come from Florida every summer to visit Faye’s folks, Harold and Lillian at the Good Sam Home in Park River. They are staying with Doc and Lana Larson.

Vera Brandvold and her sister, Verna Severson are leaving next week for Bavaria, Germany. They are going to see the passion play which is re-enacted at Oberammagau every 10 years. I know they will have a wonderful time. I hope they enjoy fresh spargel (asparagus) also. Vera, have a schnitzel for me.

Have a great day and we will visit later.


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June 6, 2010

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1. If we do not come apart and rest awhile, we may just come apart!

2. A heart that is focused on others will not be consumed with self.

3. Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect.

4. What we say reveals who we are.

5. Duty alone is drudgery; duty with love is delight.