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It seems the Norwegian population of Edinburg celebrated “Syttende Mai” (Norwegian Independence Day) yesterday without any casualties. Churches in both Grafton and Park River held Syttende Mai dinners with lots of great Norwegian food available to sample. I remember years ago when Fairdale was the place to be on May 17th. My goodness, they celebrated from morning until night with band concerts, a parade, Norwegian food and a dance.

I was privy to a most enlightening conversation the other day while seated at the “Table of Knowledge”. Doran Olafson noted a pick-up pulling a trailer full of cows passed by Cenex. He turned to Jim Langerud and said, “Now there is a load of hamburger”, to which Jim answered; yup, it sure ain’t pork chops-----or mutton. It is amazing the knowledge I can garner by listening in on these very astute conversations.

There was quite a bit of excitement in Edinburg not long ago. A young lady thought she was on County Road 9, but was actually on Main Street. My understanding is her GPS was faulty. She was traveling quite fast when she drove through John and Paula Langerud’s hedge and into the corner of their house. It was quite an awakening for Paula and John at 1:30 in the morning. The truck was totaled and the Langerud house sustained quite a bit of damage. I have heard the young lady sustained head injuries. We only hope and pray for a speedy recovery for her.

I have a story to tell. This story is about medications, growing old and getting gray hair!! Doesn’t this sound like a very uplifting story? I HAVE A FURBALL HEAD! Let me lead this off by saying for the last 50 years I have had the same hair “do”. That is because I am inept at using a hair dryer and/or a curling iron. My hair has most always been short. I once had long hair that my dad would braid every morning. I remember I had braids when I was a 1st grader---until Richard Mechem cut one of my braids off. (Richard, if you read this I forgave you 100 years ago). Anyway, back to my story. As I age I am starting to get gray hair (I don’t have much for being 66 years old!). I also am on medication that tends to change hair texture. Well, I finally asked Barb Brandvold, the owner of “Main Hair Care” salon and wonderful beautician, to do something with this mess on my head. Barb, bless her heart, cut it really short so all I have to do is use a towel and dry it. The spikes of hair go every direction, but; that is okay with me. It just gives me a different “look” every day. What more could a Prima Dona want??? O yeh.

Mavis (Wylie) Hogfoss recently gave me the Edinburg Centennial Quilt she won in 1982 at the 100th celebration. Mavis said she had kept it in her cedar chest all these years. I brought it to our last Community Club meeting and we decided to display it in the Community Center for everyone to enjoy. Thank you Mavis so much for this wonderful reminder of our village history.

Spring has once again arrived. It is so wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun. Flowers and vegetables are being planted in gardens. Many of the tulips are almost past their prime so that is another sign of summer just around the corner. Graduation is almost here for the Edinburg students. Next year will be different for everyone with the consolidation of Edinburg, Crystal and Hoople.

Congratulations to all the Edinburg graduates. Also, I am happy to tell you Wally and Marge Nygard’s daughter, Lucinda and husband are expecting a 2nd child.

We are leaving early, early tomorrow morning for Kansas for 2 grandson’s graduations. Daughter Kris is going along. She will be here any minute. Pizza is waiting. We get back next Monday and then it is out to Minot for our 3rd graduate this year (Kris’ son).

Greetings to Sandy Forbes of Dundee, Scotland. I am enjoying visiting with you via email. Everyone please have a great day and we will visit later.


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May 18, 2010

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Observations on Growing Old

1. Your kids are becoming you--and you don't like them, but your grandchildren are perfect!

2. Yellow becomes the big color---walls, hair, teeth.

3. When people say you look great, they add, for your age!

4. When you need ed the discount you paid full price. Now you get discounts everywhere---movies, hotels, flights.

5. The last two outfits you wore had spots on them