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Snow, sleet, rain and everything in between seems to be falling from the sky over most of the country. We had planned to go to Minot for the weekend, but level heads prevailed and we decided to stay put. The only saving grace is the milder temperatures---- which, of course, cause all the problems.

Staying home gave me a great chance to spend coffee hour down at the TABLE OF KNOWLEDGE at Cenex. I need to give you all a recap of everything that I learned from this esteemed group:

1. Bob Halldorson has purchased a new grader. Nobody seems to know what he will do with it!!!! I am sure in time he will let the “table” know.

2. Mike Spanier has FINALLY gotten a job (according to LeRoy) and then he takes a day off to just bum around Edinburg!!! Can you imagine!!! In actuality, Mike retired from Polar a few years ago, but now has signed on as an independent contractor. He has been working in Lakota for the last little while. I have to say it is hazardous to be around the TABLE OF KNOWLEDGE as there is so much stuff that goes on.

3. LeRoy Pederson made oyster stew for the annual Fire Department gathering. I understand he has done this for the last “Tir-ty or For-ty Years”! It seems like everyone had a very, very good time.

Everyone should spend a little time listening to the regulars at the TABLE OF KNOWLEDGE as it is a fun, fun place to watch a bunch of guys just blow off steam or tell tales of local events. They all seem to truly like each other even though the barbs are fast and furious.

David and Loretta Monson have purchased Wanda Hall’s home and will be moving in to town this coming summer. I am SO looking forward to having them just around the corner from us. It is a dream to think I live within a 2 block area of both brother David and sister Ruth. How wonderful is that! We will have much “togetherness” time!!!!

Anderson’s Café has been serving torsk the last few Saturday nights. The crowd response has been wonderful. The torsk is SO good. Chuck and I have breakfast down there about 5 mornings a week. We have a great breakfast and enjoy visiting with Sir Mike Olafson and Frank and Marlene Anderson. I wish more people would patronize the café during the week as we would be lost if we did not have a place for people to go for a meal.

A note for everyone: The Edinburg Quick Response REALLY NEEDS HELP. The Quick Response has and is such a vital and needed unit for the community. Unfortunately, there are not people to help with this program. Let Randy Johansen know if you are interested in becoming a member.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Wally Nygard and to Jim Otto. They both had surgery for stomach aneurysms. Wally is home and recovering, but Jim is still hospitalized in Grand Forks. You both are in our thoughts and prayers.

Lots of “Edinburgers” are enjoying warmer climates. Carol and Larry Pewe are in Arizona as is Dennis and Beverly Hammer. Harold and Alida Flom and Eldon and Linda Troftgruben are in Arkansas. Nick and Maxine Sveen are down south again as they have been for many years.

Hope all is well and we’ll talk later.



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February 6, 2010

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You are from the Dakota's if:

1. At least twice a year the kitchen doubles as a meat processing plant,

2. Your mom asks, "Were you born in a barn/"

3. You think the 2 major religions are Lutheran and Catholic.

4. Hockey, deer hunting and opening fishing schedules are checked before wedding dates are set.

5. You buy Christmas presents at Fleet Farm.

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