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What a dilemma we have had in Edinburg this past week. This has caused a lot of discussion at the “Table of Knowledge” down at Cenex. Let me bring everyone up to date on this earth shattering problem.

Our dear friend, Elmer Peterson lost a rooster in Edinburg!! Elmer lives in “the cities” (Minneapolis/St Paul) to those from out of the area. Elmer also has a “summer home” in Edinburg. He lives like a pioneer without running water or electricity, but loves it. Elmer plants huge, huge gardens on his “homestead” and also on Peppermint Hill. This year I think he grew something like 26 varieties of onions! All this is beside the point and has no reference to the “rooster” story.

Anyway, last week Elmer purchased 5 roosters from the Hyldens of Park River. Rather than killing the roosters at the point of purchase he decided to put them in a gunny sack and bring them back to Edinburg. Elmer told me he did not want to get blood on his wife Carol’s car. That makes sense!! He proceeded to bring 4 roosters to their demise when the 5th one got away! He searched everywhere for that rooster, but could not find it. Elmer came down to Cenex soliciting the help of the “Table of Knowledge” guys. They quickly informed him they were all ready for the “Old Folk’s Home” and would not be of much help. Elmer even asked me to help him scour the area for his lost rooster. I volunteered, but he didn’t seem very enthused over my offer. I guess he knows I am old also. Anyway, Elmer went back to the cities with one less meal. The rooster has never been found and most likely never will as Elmer’s neighbor, Laurie Foseide says she has owls that live in her trees.

We have had lots of activity in Edinburg this past week. There was a baby shower for Gianna Claire Hall a week ago Saturday. Wow, Katie is going to have to change Gianna many times a day so she can wear all the cute, cute outfits she got. I know I am sticking my head out on a limb, but I think she is the cutest baby I have ever seen. Doesn’t hurt she has my middle name!!!!

This past Saturday was a wedding shower for Heather Foseide. Many, many ladies were there to honor Heather on her upcoming marriage to David Torgeson. Next weekend is a shower for Courtney Flanagan who will marry Chris Nygard right after New Years. Young love is very special.

Our own Carol Bjornson was recently recognized by the North Dakota Association of School Business Managers for 25 years of service as a school business manager. She was awarded a Quarter Century Award for her years of service to the Edinburg School. Carol was also awarded a Certificate of Merit, Bronze Medallion Award and the Gold Medallion Award for completing 100, 200 and 300 training hours and experience points. Congratulations Carol for all these honors.

As my two sons would say, “Ma, you are so spoiled”---and I agree with them, I just purchased a long arm quilting machine. I love to piece quilts together and have talked about getting a quilting machine, but really thought I was too old to start machine quilting with a long arm. Well, I did it! I am very excited. I won’t have to “bug” Sandy Lindell (a close relative in Adams) to do my quilting for me. Sandy does such beautiful work that I hope to tap in to her knowledge to help me excell.

I enjoyed another “round” at the Table of Knowledge yesterday at Cenex. The pastor from the Federated Church in Park River sat at the table also. LeRoy had told him to come to Cenex for coffee. There was lively conversation with many ideas and suggestions for the Crow’s Nest. Jim Kertz was there and was not feeling his best. He had a knee “scoped” last week and said surgery is next on the agenda. Jim, you aren’t old enough to feel all those aches and pains yet! I remember when you worked down at Iva’s store. You and Joe were just in high school. Where do the years go????

Our hearts are saddened by the death of Reuben Espelien. He died last Saturday morning at the Good Samaritan Center in Park River. Blanche and family are in our prayers.

Everyoe have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and we will visit later.


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November 23, 2009

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Observations on Growing Older

1. The five pounds you wanted to lose is now 15, and you have a better chance of losing your keys than the 15 pounds.

2. You read 100 pages into a book before you realize you have read it before.

3. What used to be freckles are now liver spots.

4. Many of the people in PEOPLE magazine are people you've never heard of.

5. You have 3 sizes of clothes in your closet, 2 of which you will never wear again.

BUT, old is good in some things ----old songs, old movies and best of all----old friends!

sent to me by friend, Carolyn Clark who lives in Virginia.