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What a mild couple of days we have had. Hunters for opening deer season did not have to contend with cold temperatures or snow. The downside is there are still frozen leaves hanging on the trees. They are making it harder to see deer in the coulees and forested areas. We have seen many, many vehicles go by our place with passengers in bright orange attire. A “Hunter’s Breakfast” was held in Adams last Friday morning beginning at 6:30 AM. Hunters and non-hunters went over to enjoy the food.

Harvest seems to be winding down, but there are still many trucks hauling beans and late fall crops to the elevator. Bob Kertz has been combining just west of Edinburg. There is something soothing about the sounds and smells of harvest. Possibly it is a reminder of carefree childhood days.

With all this nice weather everyone is scurrying around to get their lawns mowed one more time and flowerbeds and leaves cleaned up and hauled to the dump. Chuck and Harold Flom cleaned out Ellen (Sondreson) Domben’s horse barn also. Everything is now ready for winter!

Last week I happened to---well, not really happened to, more like planned to---go down to Cenex while the rotating members of the “Table Of Knowledge” had their afternoon coffee. I truly was looking for something exciting to put in this column. I don’t know if it is exciting; but, no one’s character and/or reputation is safe at that table!!! I don’t know when I’ve been privy to so much good natured ribbing amongst all the participants. I think the quietest one there was John Evenson---and he has never been known as being overly quiet. Coming in at # 1 with the most zingers flung is Mike Spanier. He’s an expert. It all seems to be in good fun. I know there is lots of laughter.

My heart has been breaking over the tragic events at Ft Hood. In our 27 years of military service we most often lived on military posts. As they said on the news, these posts and bases are like self contained cities. Your vehicle required a sticker and often identification was asked for to get in to the post. We felt so safe and secure. The military people that we lived with became our “family” as we all were away from blood relatives. It is just so sad.

There are grandpas and grandmas in the Edinburg area with big smiles on their faces because of newborn grandchildren. John and Eunice Evenson’s daughter Janelle and husband Shane Peterson adopted a newborn baby boy. They have named him Ryland. Mike and Ina Spanier’s son Evan and wife Lindsay recently had their 4th child, a baby boy also named Ryland. Stacy and Brad Dahl just had a 3rd little girl named Lexi. Rodney and Jan Nygard are very proud. Then there is Greg and Ruth Hall. Jodi and Mike Crockett just had their 4th child, Brooks Thomas and TJ and Katie Hall had baby Gianna Claire. How precious each little one is and everyone is thrilled for these families.

Vera Brandvold had a wonderful trip to Spain. Katie (Monson) Knoblach has been visiting her folks for a few days as she and Loretta are sewing, sewing sewing.

We have scheduled our community wide Christmas Party for Tuesday, December 1. Last year we had a great time with about 200 people in attendance. Santa will be there along with great food, games, silent auction, bingo and prizes. It seems to be a fun evening for everyone there.

Have a great day and we’ll visit later.


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November 9, 2009

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Observations on Growing Older

1. It's harder to tell navy from black.

2. Everything old is new again, but if you wore it before, you're too old to wear it the 2nd time around.

3. Going out is good; coming home is better.

4. The thing you cared to do, you don't care to do, but you care that you don't care to do them anymore. (this one takes some thought)

5. You miss the days when everything worked with just an "ON" and "OFF" switch.