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I CAN NOT believe it is over a month since I updated the website!! I hope you will accept my excuse for being so tardy---more about that later.

What a summer this has been. We have not been inundated with hot weather. In fact, it has been down right cold some days. The wind has blown a lot also. This sounds pretty “whiney” to me! On the plus side, we have been able to sit outside in the evenings without those big mosquitoes bothering us, so that is something to be thankful for. Most of our family spent time at Horseshoe Lake outside of Brainerd, MN. this past week, Uffda, it was downright cold, rainy and windy. None of the kids or grand-kids seemed to mind one bit because we were together. We stayed at our niece Connie and her husband John's beautiful summer log home with all the amenities of a 4 star hotel. Lots of pool, ping-pong and Texas Hold’em were played. The older I get the more being with family is a true treasure.

While at the lake we were glued to the television hoping for history to be made at the British Open (I guess they don’t call it that anymore). Chuck and I were cheering Tom Watson on to victory with everything we could muster. What great rounds he had until Sunday. He truly made that tournament memorial for many, many fans. He has always seemed to be such a kind, gentle man.

I understand the Rib-Fest was a huge success. I heard they ran out of ribs!! The entries must have made for wonderful eating. Congratulations to Mary Langerud and Vera Brandvold for taking 1st prize. I will soon have lots of pictures to post as Mark Olson has already sent me some----I am just having a little trouble converting them for the website. Mark is being very, very patient and helpful.

About a month ago my world as I knew it came “crashing down” around me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy and a week later a mastectomy. The surgeries went well, but I have had a couple of set-backs. I am SO thankful though that I have been declared cancer-free. I am struggling with my rheumatoid arthritis as I have not been able to have Humira shots or the other RA medicines since the end of April. I know things will get better and I pray every night that this little “bump in the road” won’t get me down. I have a wonderful husband who has truly taken care of my every need. I know that family, friends and faith have seen me through all of this. Both Chuck and I are trying to decide is this a summer to forget or a summer to remember. He still is in a boot for a broken bone in his foot that happened in April. Whew! Life’s trials aren’t fun!!

Congratulations to Diana Sorbo and Grant Larson on their wedding July 10th. They were married at an outdoor ceremony at Lake Tschida near Glen Ullin, ND. There was a reception in Edinburg July 19th. Also, congratulations go to Harold and Alida Flom on 50 years of marriage. Their reception was also July 19th. How fun for people to go from one party to another on a Sunday afternoon.

Heartfelt sympathy goes to Lana and Doc Larson on the death of Lenore Windingland. Lenore had been living up at Borg in Mountain for the past while. Lana has had her share of sorrow with losing her mother plus 2 aunts this past year.

We had friends, Vic and Ginger Young spend last night with us. They live in Lansing, Kansas and were on their way to Kenora, Ontario to fish. Ginger said as a youngster they used to drive from Kansas City to Kenora every summer. It was so wonderful to have them here. Also, faithful readers, Ken and Evie Holland from Minot--welcome home and hope you had a great time in Iceland! I know Ken's sister Janice and husband Bill Loftus also went on the trip. Have a great week and we will talk later.


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July 25, 2009

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