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O yes, I know this sounds like a broken record; but, I can not help but complain----again. It is so dang cold here! Is spring ever going to arrive??? Frost is predicted for tomorrow morning. Our thermometer registered a hot 56 degrees today with winds whipping up to 35 mph. This isn’t what May is supposed to be all about! Hopefully weather patterns will change soon. The temps have not been conducive to planting gardens or sitting on decks while grilling a favorite meal on the bar-b-cue.

There is nowhere more beautiful that the Red River Valley of North Dakota or the Badlands of North Dakota, the Pembina Gorge of North Dakota or may be the whole state of North Dakota!! One of my very favorite parts of North Dakota is around the little town of Wolford. Wolford sits out by itself on State Highway 17 between Cando and Rugby. We drive that route every time we go to Minot to visit our daughter and family. The area is sparsely populated with little traffic (which in my mind adds to the beauty of it). The landscape is what I love the most. The highway winds its way around and across hills with beautiful prairie grasses blowing in the wind next to plowed fields. There are huge ponds of water in many places. Radio reception is pretty much non-existent. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! We drove there this past weekend and wow! there was water everywhere! Land water covered many, many fields. I wonder when and if farmers will be able to get in to their fields.

The orioles and hummingbirds came back to Edinburg on Tuesday, May 12th. We put out juice for the hummingbirds and grape jelly for the orioles that morning and by noon the feeders were being visited. Thankfully I made grape jelly last fall so I have a supply ready. They go through almost a pint of jelly a day!!!

Trinity WELCA had their annual Spring Breakfast last Thursday morning at 7 am. We served nearly 90 ladies. It is a fun time with ladies coming from Grafton, Park River, Adams, Mountain, Gardar, Hoople and of course Edinburg to celebrate early morning. We serve breakfast, entertain, give prizes and scrunch in a good time in 60 minutes so those that need to be at work by 8 am will be on time. I almost “flat-lined” about 10 am when everything was done----sssooooo tired!

Controversy abounds over the State Board of Higher Education saying the “Fighting Sioux” nickname has to be dropped and all logos gone by October of this year. Chuck’s inbox from his “Theta Chi” brothers of the late 50’s and early 60’s overflows with emails regarding this mandate. I hate to see this part of UND history being taken away from us.

O yes, I could not finish the Crow’s Nest without commiserating with my husband. We spent about 4 hours in the emergency room at Trinity Hospital in Minot this past Saturday night. Chuck missed a step at our daughter, Kris’ home and ended up breaking a bone in his foot. This was not a good time for him to have this happen (his words) as he golfs 2-3 times a week plus plants our garden, mows our lawn and does all the spring “stuff” that needs to be done. We also leave on a cruise of Alaska next month. He’s seeing a podiatrist in East Grand Forks this week to assess the damage.

Lots of fun things have taken place in town. Irene Seim had her 90th birthday party at Trinity with about 250 people attending. After the celebration Irene and her son Arden took the train to Seattle to visit Irene’s sister. Irene is a very special lady who makes the most wonderful date filled cookies I have ever eaten.

There was a wedding shower for Jill Kertz last Saturday. Jill is getting married to Adam Wohl June 27th at Trinity. Jill just graduated from NDSU with a degree in Pharmacy. Also getting married is Diana Sorbo. She is marrying Grant Larson on July 10th at Lake Tschida in the south western part of the state. Love is in the air!! There also was a baby shower this past weekend for Jolene (Levang) Panciocco and husband Steve. They have twin girls named Emily Jean and Lauren Veronica. They have their hands full will two bundles of joy. I speak from experience!!! Mine are 40 years old though.

I have saved some of the very best news for last---our niece Jodi and husband Mike are expecting a new arrival at their home. Jase, Halle and Haidyn will welcome a new brother or sister in September. Grandma Ruthie is going to really need rollerblades to skate between Edinburg and Fargo with 2 more grandchildren arriving close to the same time.

Have a great day and we will visit later.


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May 19, 2009

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