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I hope everyone is still checking in on the website. It has been “down and out” for the past 2 weeks. That seems like a lifetime to me when I want to post things and unable to do just that! Rick Amundrud interfaced with my computer this morning and we got it all taken care of. The host server had a problem. Hopefully everything will stay running smoothly from now on.

I was sure spring was finally here last week. Last night makes me wonder. We had enough of that “white stuff” do completely cover the ground. The temperatures have been unusually cool this whole month. But, signs to exist that spring has to arrive soon—(I think I write the same thing every column!). My golf cart is out of the “barn”, charged up and rarin’ to race around town. Gravel trucks are back on the highways and the biggest sign of spring is BUGS ON MY WINDSHIELD when I drive!!

Last Wednesday night the “friends of Odalen” served a Meatball Supper to 260 people. We were so pleased with the crowd and the generous donations made to the Odalen Cross Lighting Fund. It has been wonderfully amazing how supportive everyone near and far have been to our drive to illuminate the 80 foot cross. Rodney Nygard was the “head baker” of the meatball detail. About 6 of us rolled 970 meatballs while others peeled potatoes. We worked had the day before the meal, but had a great time doing so. Anne Christine (Haug) Puppe came from Cavalier to help us prepare the meal and then to serve it. It was fun having her come. Thanks goes to everyone who helped make the meal so successful.

Last Saturday morning the Monson clan enjoyed a 7 am breakfast at “Anderson’s Country Café” in Edinburg. Lee, Lloyd, Frank and Marlene Anderson recently purchased the café and opened their doors just last Friday. We haven’t had a café in town for nearly 2 years, so this opening is a great boost for the community. I hope the people in the area will support this new business. I want to personally thank Rose Denault for taking on the job of making noon meals at the bar. She truly filled a niche that was needed. It was a lot of hard work for her. Rose, I thank you for the great meals you provided 5 days a week.

Our family feels the loss of our cousin, Orlando Gryde. He passed away the first part of April. It seems strange not to make the trip up to Borg to bring him M & M’s. We also extend sympathy to the family of Dorothy Thomasson. Dorothy died this past week. Her funeral was in Edinburg last Saturday. Dorothy was such a wonderful lady and will be missed by many.

My 2 sons are celebrating their 40th birthdays today. That makes me feel old! Also, happy birthday to LeRoy Pederson today! Have a great day and will visit later with everyone.


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April 27, 2009

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