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This is déjà vu’! It started sleeting last night about 9 PM and continued most of the night. Edinburg woke up this morning to rain falling on top of the ice making for some very, very precarious conditions. The trailers on TV said school would be starting 2 hours late. We North Dakotans take in stride adverse weather conditions, but today it really is a mess outside. I stupidly drove downtown to get the mail and fishtailed most of the way there. I wasn’t the only vehicle doing that “dance”! Ruth Hall and Suzie Kartes were outside Market On Main chipping away the ice plus covering the sidewalk with pellets to melt ice. It is like a skating rink again. This type of weather is forecast for the rest of the week into next week. I guess with the transition to more spring like weather we have to endure what ever Mother Nature gives us.

We all know death and taxes are a sure thing----well, so are the seed catalogs that appear in our mail boxes. The catalogs are a reassurance that yes indeed, warm weather is just around the corner. Every year I enjoy perusing the catalogs making plans for everything I want to do in the arena of planting and landscaping. Every year more of the plans and ideas stay in my head instead of coming to fruition.

What a great day we had in Edinburg last Sunday. Our Community Club sponsored “Kick It Up A Notch---Round 2” brunch was a huge success. We think we served between 260 – 270 people. We had a sure fire method of keeping track of attendees by setting out plates in increments of 25. You know the old adage “the best made plans, etc.” kind of fell apart. We did come up with that number by counting how many cloth napkins were left at the end of the day. Our menu consisted of scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage, bacon wrapped sausage with brown sugar glaze, baked ham, French toast sticks, mushroom sauce, burritos, salsa and cheese. There were many, many types of both sweet and savory breads (yeast breads and quick breads). The dessert table was laden with all types of sweet concoctions. We used white tablecloths with hot pink and bright green napkins. Serving dishes and containers were white or wicker. On the dessert table many of the serving pieces were lead crystal. Everything was very elegant. We had people from Adams, Mountain, Gardar, Grafton, Park River and in between attend. Everyone seemed to really have a fun day and no one went home hungry. The committee went home TIRED but happy.

Next year for our brunch we will have a commercial dishwasher to use. Chuck and I went to Grand Forks yesterday to pick up the one ordered for the Community Center. The dishwasher will be wonderful not only for the senior meals, but for all the activities that are held there.

State Class B girl’s basketball tournament starts tonight in Grand Forks at the Alerus Center. We hope the Fordville-Lankin-Park River Flyers do well against Kenmare in their opening game today.

Welcome Home Mary and Marshall Burkett! It is great to have you back in Edinburg. They have been in Arizona since late last summer. We missed you and are happy you are here.

Much sympathy goes out to many. It was sad to hear that Lyle Gestson had passed away. Gail was just here recently for her mother, Olga Rheaume’s funeral. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Gail and your family. Lyle always was so upbeat and fun to visit with. Also, our sympathy goes out to Laurie Foseide on the sudden death of her brother in a car accident and to Gary and Lois Mathiason on the death of Lois’ mom. I heard this morning that Doris Einerson died. Our sympathy to Harold and their son Lloyd. Doris’ funeral will be at Victory Free in Park River.

Hope this finds everyone ready for daylight savings time this Sunday. We will visit later.


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March 5, 2009

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Do fish ever get thirsty?

If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?

How can sweet and sour sauce be sweet and sour at the same time?

Why does caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing?