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There was a book published in 1925 written by the Norwegian immigrant, Ole Rolvaag. This epic book was titled “Giants In The Earth” and has always been a very favorite book of mine. The book told the story of the Scandinavian people who immigrated to the United States in the late 1800’s and the hardships they endured; not only physically, but mentally. It truly painted a picture of how tough it was living on the prairie during those long winter months. I wonder if this book possibly conveys to modern times and MY BROTHER DAVE! I hate to point fingers, but I think he has fallen off the deep end and I blame it on the long, cold winter months that we are just entering. I will state my case. Yesterday I received a video email from him. He was sitting at his kitchen counter giving a play by play description of his “SHOWER CAP COLLECTION”! Granted, it is impressive---he has shower caps from almost everywhere in the world---Brazil, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, China, Turkey, Russia, Egypt and everywhere in between. He said he was videoing this for his grand-daughter Madelyn so she would have a record of Grandpa’s shower caps. Most of the family thinks he has spent too many winters in North Dakota. We love you Dave.

Winter has arrived in North Dakota. Chuck and I spent last week plus in Minot staying with 2 of our grandsons (their parents were on a romantic trip to Italy). It wasn’t very romantic around central North Dakota with lots of snow and ice. Minot had 9 inches preceded by the ice. Schools were closed and driving was very treacherous in the area. Minot is so hilly that cars were slipping and sliding trying to get to their destinations. Our grandson Cole slid in to a ditch and through an electric fence and ended up in a horse pasture less than a quarter of a mile from his home. It wasn’t his fault---just too much ice and too many hilly curves. Both Chuck and I had icy, slushy roads most of the way home (we had 2 vehicles).

Deer season is once again here. I don’t know how good the hunting has been around here. I know I could have tagged 3 if I had not been careful on the drive from Minot. They ran across the road at different places. I kept hoping there would be no bullet zinging by my head as they were going with great speed. I know North Dakota has an abundance of these Bambi like animals that love to eat up all of our gardens.

The Edinburg Community Club is busily planning our Community Christmas Party. We want to make this an event the whole community will enjoy. It is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2nd. We are planning a whole evening of fun things for everyone.

The Community Club is a small group, but a very active group whose purpose is to keep Edinburg alive and thriving. We have had some younger citizens join us and that has really revitalized all of us. We need the new and younger ideas. A huge, huge thank you goes to Fred Hall and his sons, Jackson and Taylor for putting up lights on all the Main Street buildings. We are like a mini Kansas City Plaza where they light up the outline of all the buildings on Thanksgiving Night. Our Main Street will be just as impressive.

Thoughts are with Carol Pewe as she will soon have a 2nd hip replacement. Wasn’t too long ago that Larry Pewe had knee arthroscopy. I hope all goes well.

Have a great day and will visit later.


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November 13, 2008

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