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These days there are rubber bracelets for almost every cause. Yellow for Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong for cancer, blue for autism, green for Darfur, pink for breast cancer and many more. In fact, some of the above mentioned colors stand for other causes also. I have a stainless steel one from the Viet Nam war and today bronze bracelets are worn for our deployed soldiers. But, I am getting way off track on the story I wanted to tell about these rubber bracelets.

Not too long ago Chuck and I were in Lawrence and Tonganoxie, Kansas to visit our 2 sons and their families. I went downtown in Lawrence to Massachusetts Avenue to do a little shopping in this very eclectic and high spirited college town. Along Mass Ave you park side by side and put money in parking meters. Every 2 parking spaces are surrounded by cement berms. I pulled in and that is where my problems started. I could not figure which meter to put money in as arrows were pointing directions that didn’t seem to equate to where my car was. I dropped a quarter in the one I thought was the most logical. I returned to my car 15 minutes later to find a parking ticket on my windshield. Well, my blood started to heat up and I backed out of the slot with one mission in mind. I was going to go to City Hall and give them a piece of my mind! After all, I was a visitor to their fair city and the meters were ambiguous at best in details—besides those cement berms showcased which meters should belong to each vehicle. I wasn’t about to pay $2.00 for something I didn’t feel was my fault! I went through the scanners at the County Courthouse and was ready to go in to the “Traffic Division” when I looked down at my wrist. Staring back at me was my purple bracelet that said in capitol letters: A COMPLAINT FREE WORLD! I covered my wrist as I silently slipped out of the courthouse and in to my car. I found a post office, bought a 42 cent stamp and mailed my $2.00 to the city of Lawrence. To add salt to the injury son Dave told me I could have just dropped the money into the many “drop boxes” that are in the area. O well, life still is wonderful.

Other strange incidents happened while in Lawrence also. Often when we parked in a strip mall I would notice people taking a quick look at our license plate and then take another longer look. Our plates read OPA&OMA. We have had these plates for many years but it has only been recently they have garnered so much attention. I came to the conclusion at first glance people probably think they read “OBAMA”. Uffda, my dad is shaking his head in heaven over that.

Congratulations to Karlee Linstad of Adams. Karlee got 4 blue ribbons at the county fair and then took Grand Championship with her pickles. Karlee is the daughter of Dave and Jackie Linstad and the granddaughter of John and Carol Bjornson and Florence Linstad. One day during last August Karlee and Grandma Carol came to my house and Karlee made the pickles she entered. Karlee, we all are so proud of you and your accomplishments. She even made a quilt for the fair and received a blue ribbon!

A huge thank you to Robin Peterson for the 4 Promethean Activboards he purchased for the Edinburg School. Last summer Robin decided to do something for the school after receiving his annual letter from the Friends and Alumni Association. After doing research, the Activboards were installed for students to use. Robin is a successful attorney living in the Minneapolis area who wanted to help students at his alma mater receives the best education possible. What a wonderful gift. As a side light, check the Education Page for all the wonderful things the Friends and Alumni of the Edinburg School do.

Once again sympathies go out to many families. Alyce Hall died a little over a week ago. Even though she couldn’t see any more she was so faithful in calling all Legion Auxiliary members each month to remind them of the meeting. Alyce had been residing at the Good Samaritan Home the last few months. Also, sympathy to Pastor Walter Wellman and all of the Wellman family. Paul Wellman (age 53) died suddenly last week. His funeral was held at Grace Free Lutheran church. There was standing room only attesting to how well Paul was thought of throughout the area. Paul’s family resides in Cavalier. Our condolences go to Jeff and Anita Monsebroten on the death of Jeff’s brother, Ray. Marcy Melstad also passed away. Her funeral was held yesterday in Gardar. Our sympathy runs deep for everyone who feels theselosses so personally. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Hope everyone has a great last week of October. My, how time just flies by. Talk later.


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October 24, 2008

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