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We just returned from a week at Horseshoe Lake near Brainerd, MN. My plan was to read books and get a beautiful tan. I accomplished goal number 1, but as for the tan----it just didn’t happen. Not that I didn’t try! Every year I think this will be the summer I get a tan to challenge sister Ruth’s dark skin. I remember grandma Sorbo telling Ruth she had Norwegian Indian blood running in her veins because of her olive skin. Grandma Sorbo also was dark skinned. After my feeble attempt at tanning this past week, I decided to do some research. I plugged in “olive skinned Norwegians” into a search engine. Wow! I found lots and lots of information regarding fair skinned vs. dark skinned Norwegians. Grandma Sorbo wasn’t too far off track. There are lots of theories and I thought most of them were plausible. So for now I guess I will be content to have skin the color of all-purpose flour. I’ll just make sure I have a good book nearby.

Before coming home we went to Hudson, WI to help my cousin and his wife, Keith and Marlys Sorbo celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. David and Loretta, Ruth and Greg and Allen and Judy Sorbo along with Terry and LuAnn Thorvilson were there also. We had such a good time. One of the guests there was a man named John Stone. I visited with him and reminded him that in 1960 his band (John Stone and the Pebbles) played for our prom. I do believe that was the first year we had a prom in Edinburg. Dad and Lloyd Gire sang “Younger Than Springtime” at the prom also. Of course, John didn’t remember this at all, but I did, as it was a big deal to have a friend of Keith’s (and UND buddy) on stage in Edinburg, North Dakota.

Katie and Scott Knoblach’s wedding was beautiful. Loretta made all the floral arrangements and they were gorgeous. She used flowers and greenery from her garden. The Community Center was transformed in to a real “garden party”. Loretta even painted a garden mural that was situated right behind the bridal table. It was a fabulous day weather wise and so much fun to have all of the “Monson” family home. The cousins had a great, great time being together. The gal cousins, Kris, Jodi, Katie and Katie decided they would start training for the Fargo Marathon next spring.

The cross at the site of Odalen is up. The first time I saw it standing absolutely took my breath away and made my stomach do flip-flops. It stands so majestic where Odalen once stood. It is an awesome and powerful sight. Loretta said there have been lots of people who have come to look at it. Last night a family from Grand Forks came to look and brought a picnic lunch with them. I was not there when it was put in place, but I understand Pastor Rebecca led the group there watching in the singing of “Lift High The Cross”. What an appropriate hymn.

Our next goal is to raise approximately $26,000 to illuminate the cross. It is a costly undertaking, but we feel something so beautiful and meaningful needs to be lit. An architectural firm in Grand Forks did lots of research and came up with an illumination plan. Odalen’s steeple was always a beacon and a point of reference for people coming to this area. We want that heritage to continue. I am hoping those who had ties of some sort with Odalen will consider helping us with this project with monetary gifts. This cross was erected as a way to honor God as He watched over and protected the people of Odalen from the earliest settlers until the present time.

I receive requests and ideas from different people about the website. I wish I could honor all the requests. Some things I just can not do with the website, but rest assured I do take every idea seriously. This is a volunteer position that I do from home so often times I need to work around other things that need attention. If something asked for is a possibility, I promise to explore the idea.

I received a very nice note from Curtis Mecham a few days ago. It is emails like yours Curt that make the hours I spend updating all worthwhile. It is nice to have Richard (Curt’s brother) in Edinburg for the summer.

Our hearts go out to Muriel Paulson on the death of Harlan on Tuesday. Harlan will be missed in Edinburg and the surrounding communities. His funeral is Friday morning at Trinity Lutheran Church in Edinburg.

Hope everyone is enjoying all the fresh produce that is available this time of the year. Have a great day and we will visit later.


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August 7, 2008

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Store opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. The cheese will stay fresh much longer and will not mold.

If you seal an envelope and realize you forgot to include something inside, just place your sealed envelope in the freezer for an hour or two. Viola! It unseals easily.

If you peel a banana from the bottom you won't have to pick the little "stringy things" off it.

Add a teaspoon of water when saute'ing ground beef. The water will help pull the grease away from the meat.