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I most definitely am lamenting the phrase “The Dog Days of Summer”. I hear that over and over via the media. I think it is a reminder that autumn and winter will appear faster than I really want it to. I realized that I should not be fearful of something I really know nothing about. So I went to my old pal, Wikipedia, to find exactly what the phrase really means. It is named for the most sultry, hot and stagnant period of summer, roughly from July 3rd to August 11th. The term “dog days of summer” was coined by the ancient Romans for the Sirius (“dog star”), the brightest star in the heavens besides the sun. I am sure everyone feels so much smarter after reading all this very important material. Of course as with everything there are many variables to this story. From now on I will remember this as a hot and sultry time of the year. I won’t even think about fall being around the corner. All I need to remind me is a trip by the Larimore corner and a barley field that has ripened to a golden color!

I think I need to take the aforementioned research to the “Table of Knowledge”. I visited a bit with Mike Spanier a few days ago. He told me how much he enjoys retired life and how much smarter he is now that he has time to sit at the special table at Cenex. Mike said he has lots to add to the conversations and that John Evenson would agree with that statement. These “MEN” tables must be everywhere. Steve (Sonny) Johnson called not too long ago from California telling me their table was called the “Think Tank”. He said everyone sits around saying, “what do you think?” Gotta love them.

We had fresh carrots from the garden last night for dinner and Chuck picked a big pail of peas this morning. We still are eating asparagus. Can it get any better” Now it is to get that first bite of a ripe, juicy tomato.

I stopped in at Kringstad’s Ironworks in Park River yesterday to see the cross they have manufactured for Odalen’s Memorial. I don’t know when I have felt so humbled by an object. The cross is made of steel and is 80 feet high. I saw it in a horizontal state and it just took my breath away. They had painted it white and were doing the finishing touches on it before bringing it up to the site where Odalen once stood before it burned. What a tribute this cross will be to all of us who in some way called Odalen home; not only as members but also as friends who spent time there. Many times I would stop atop Peppermint Hill so Dad could point out the steeple of Odalen. Once again we will be able to see a landmark, not the steeple, but a majestic cross in honor and memory of Odalen and the faith of it’s people. The cross should be put in place the first part of next week. It will be exciting.

Brandon stopped by last night to show me his red, white and blue casts. They are awesome to say the least. Brandon goes back to the cities next Thursday to have the casts removed. Brandon, you are now so tall since you are able to stand up straight. We’re really pulling for you to again have a swift transition in to no casts.

Weddings, weddings, weddings----Last weekend’s wedding of Andrew and Kayla Sorbo was beautiful. The music was wonderful with the talented Olson family as the musicians. The day was cool and windy, but inside the church and the community center there was only warmth and laughter. Sara and Diana Sorbo did a very fun song about Andrew and Kayla. Sara accompanied on the ukulele. Andrew and Kayla are in Hawaii honeymooning.

The Monson family is looking forward to Katie and Scott Knoblach’s wedding July 26th. I know from “peeking” this will also be a “show-stopper”. It will be great having family home.

Lois Otto is home but has a long road of recovery from the break in her arm. She said she would be in the cast and brace for about 8 weeks. Everyone is glad to have you home, Lois.

Have a great day and will visit with you later.


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July 17, 2008

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Fun (?) Things To Do In Edinburg

Tubing down the river in Tiber Coulee.

Grilling on the Mielke deck in boxer shorts.

Riding 3 wheelers through the culvert in Tiber Coulee.

Backing the car around Trinity church to get mileage down on the car.

Taking a "bath" in sunflower seeds.

This list was compiled by Mitch and Suzie. They both are adults now and don't recommend this as a way to create fun anymore!! Thanks, guys.