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Wow! Did my senses “pop” early this morning during my walk around Edinburg. The air was permeated with the sweet, lush fragrance of lilacs mingled with the pure freshness of the springtime rain we had late yesterday. Every flowerbed I walked by had an array of beautiful tulips and geraniums among other flowers. They were growing in our gorgeous rich, black soil. How beautiful to look at as dawn was breaking in the east. The quiet stillness of the morning was challenged by my need to have Travis Tritt singing “Here’s a Quarter Call Someone Who Cares” in my ears. That was followed by other hard-core country to include Merle Haggard and George Jones. Springtime in North Dakota can be fickle, but this morning was beautiful.

We were blessed with over 2 inches of rain this past weekend. How timely and welcomed the rains were to the area farmers. I hope the weather cooperates as well for the rest of the growing and harvest season.

Brandon is doing so great. He goes back to Minneapolis this coming weekend for walking casts and therapy. I hope Brandon won’t mind me telling this story about him. Last Saturday his mom, Suzy worked at the grocery store, Market on Main. Jessica Ellingson had Brandon out for a ride in his wheelchair so they stopped to visit Suzy. As Brandon and Jess were getting ready to continue their ride Suzy gave Brandon a candy bar and asked if he needed anything else. Brandon replied, “just another hug mom”. My heart did a flip-flop. What love there is in the Kartes family. It truly was a moment I needed to share with everyone. Thank you Brandon, Suzy and Chuck for being a part of this community.

It was a big night for Bernice Flanagan at the Polar Annual Meeting last Thursday. Bernice was named Polar’s Business Person of the year. This is an award well deserved as Bernice has such a fun place at her Edinburg General Store. Not only is she an astute business woman, but also a true advocate and promoter for Edinburg. Congratulations Bernice.

Jim Otto and Chuck are busy building a storage shed for us so I think I need to go to my rhubarb patch and pick some for a rhubarb pie. I hope I can make it as tasty as Effie Ulbergs used to be. She used to always make a pie for Chuck.

Congratulations to Diana Sorbo on her very recent engagement. There is lots happening in the Sorbo family with Andrew’s wedding the first part of July. We also had a great time with Katie Monson home this past weekend for her bridal shower. Her wedding is not far away either.

New babies will soon be here too. Tracy (Gustafson) Barclay is due any day and Ruth (Wild) Stumf is expecting in the fall.

Bert Eisenmann suffered a stroke last week. Marianne said yesterday he is doing great and hopefully will be home from Altru in Grand Forks today. We hope you have a very speedy recovery Bert.

Have a great day. The 125th is behind us so this should be a relaxing summer. We will visit later.


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June 9, 2008

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