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I was very honored yesterday by a telephone call I received from the National Horticultural Society. The person on the other end of the line called to inform me that Chuck and I were to receive the annual “ICBYPPTYY” award. I was told it was a very prestigious award and is only given out after much thought and discussion. The caller told me the committee had traveled the state looking at yards for possible selections for this distinguished honor and we would be sent a plaque suitable for framing. After about 5 minutes of extolling the beauty of our lawn and flower beds I finally asked what the letters “ICBYPPTYY” stood for. Suddenly there was a little “crack” in the caller’s voice as “it” started to giggle and said, “why, it stands for I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PLANTED A PALM TREE IN YOUR YARD”. My dear, sweet, crazy cousin Allen Sorbo had more than pulled a good one on me. He had me going until the very end. I spent the rest of the day in laughter thinking about this conversation. Allen, you are one of a kind and that was a true GOTCHA!!!!

I hope you all have been reading Brandon Kartes’ caringbridge website. He seems to be doing great. He had red casts put on his legs so we will have a great way to know when he is coming. Brandon, everyone is anxious for you to come home and we’re so pleased with all your progress. You are one terrific guy.

Mother Nature still isn’t through with the northern Red River Valley. Yesterday morning our thermometer read 28 degrees. Thankfully we had covered all the plants. I guess it just does not pay to put flowers and vegetables out until Memorial Day.

There is a great abundance of birds at our feeders this spring. The orioles and hummingbirds were back last week. We also have gold finches, grosbeaks and brown thrashers at our feeders besides the sparrows and grackles. I already have made a couple batches of grape jelly for the orioles. I find I don’t get as much done around the house as I get mesmerized watching the birds and their antics.

Chalk up another vehicle in Edinburg. I just “bought” Chuck’s old golf cart from him and he bought a new one to have at the golf course. Now I can toodle on down to Main Street in great fashion. Chuck maintains he never should have brought his cart home from the golf course last summer to use during the 125th celebration. He figures I got to like this mode of transportation just a bit too much. He’s got that right! ------And with the price of gas!

Wow, do we have asparagus in the garden. It tastes wonderful.

Sympathy goes to Arnold and Danielle on the death of Agnes Bjerke. She lived next door to us. I had known Agnes for over 60 years. She will be missed.

Congratulations to all the graduating seniors. Graduation for Edinburg is this Saturday.

Thank you Jackson Hall for making a trip to Grand Forks yesterday to pick up our hanging flower baskets. Also, thanks to Jackson and TJ Hall for putting the flowers on the Main Street light poles. Our town will sure look “spiffy”.

Have a great day and will talk later.


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May 22, 2008

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