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I wonder if “Mother Nature” is sparing the northeast section of North Dakota from the much talked about global warming? I heard on the radio a couple of days ago this has been the coldest spring in North Dakota in the last 20 years. I believe it. The low temperatures coupled with the strong winds makes for some chilly weather. The poor tulips and spring flowers are straining to showcase their beauty. I imagine it won’t be too long before I’ll be writing about the North Dakota heat!

Well, an event of historic proportion took place this morning at the Edinburg Cenex station. I walked in and lo and behold – the women had commandeered the “Table of Knowledge” for their morning coffee. The men looked rather befuddled trying to decide which booth to sit in. Girl power reigned supreme this May 2nd!

Farmers are out in the fields getting ready for spring planting. Randy and his team from Cenex drive by pulling anhydrous tanks for the men and women doing the fieldwork. I don’t know if there is a moisture problem here, but I do know the dust sure blows with the windy conditions we have every day. I hope the farmers have another great year of good crops and weather to accommodate that.

Trinity Lutheran Church, Adams Lutheran Church and Victory Free Lutheran Church hosted the National Day of Prayer yesterday. The 7 AM Prayer Breakfast was served here at Trinity. It was an early morning for Ruth Hall, Katie Hall, Dorothy Hall and me as we were at church before 5 AM getting egg-bake, potatoes, scones and fruit ready. We served about 55 people. It was a very nice way to start a Thursday morning.

Last Monday night our son Dave called during our granddaughter’s Jr High Band Concert to say Madison Anne was named “Band Person of the Year”. This was announced during the concert. Needless to say, we all are very proud of her. Madison is in the 7th grade at Southwest Junior High in Lawrence, Kansas and plays the trumpet. Maddy, grandpa and I are thrilled for you. We just returned from a few days in Lawrence and Tonganoxie visiting our sons Dave and Mike and their families. We also got to see our “3rd” son Mitch, his wife Shannon and their 2 children Hunter and Haley. The past 20+ years have flown by since all 3 guys were in high school giving me grey hair!!

Please keep Brandon, Chuck and Suzy in your thoughts and prayers as Brandon gets ready for surgery on May 19th at Shriner’s Hospital in Minneapolis. I know this is really tough as Brandon’s legs will be broken and re-set. Brandon, everybody in Edinburg cares so much for you. We are sending huge, happy thoughts that you will just breeze through the procedure. Suzy is setting up a caringbridge website which is such a wonderful way to keep everyone informed of Brandon’s progress.

Also, keep Agnes Bjerke and her family in your prayers as Agnes is in First Health Care Center with a broken ankle and also suffering from a stroke.

We had a great Community Club meeting last night with about 20 people in attendance. There were lots of enthusiastic ideas bantered around for Edinburg. Now, it is just to decide exactly what our goals are and implement the ideas. It is so good to see so many be a part of these meetings. Edinburg is a wonderful little town.

Have a great day and thanks Mitch for being such a faithful reader.


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May 2, 2008

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