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I used to think North Dakota was probably the windiest state in the Union. I have reconsidered and now think Montana ranks right up alongside Nodak. We just returned from a wonderful ski trip to Big Sky. The wind going out made for some tense driving conditions at times. Coming home we had a terrific tailwind that gave us 36 mpg. Not a bad thing with the price of gas around $3.24 per gallon out west.

I always like our trips out to Big Sky. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of the year we go through Medora and the Badlands, the landscape is always beautiful no matter what the season. I enjoy the drive from Billings to Bozeman watching the majestic Rockies get closer and closer as we travel westward. Even at this time of the year people are fishing in the mountain streams that parallel the highways. I shiver as I watch fishermen with waders in that cold, pristine mountain water.

The month of March could become a bit irritating to those who are not interested in sports. Thankfully we are big followers of most all college sports so we enjoy every game we attend or watch on television. The Fighting Sioux play-offs were a wee bit tense after Saturday’s loss to Michigan Tech, but they pulled it out with the win on Sunday. Now the Sioux go on to Minneapolis for more playoffs. It was great watching the Kansas Jayhawks win the Big 12 conference and get seeded number 1 for the next round in the march to the Final Four. Also, congratulations to the Grafton Spoilers basketball team on winning the State Class B championship in Bismarck this past weekend. To top off a great sports weekend, it was great fun watching Tiger Woods make that beautiful putt on Sunday afternoon at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Florida. What an athlete!

Spring is not quite here---a couple of more days----but the snow banks are slowly getting smaller and we are now driving on pavement rather than impacted snow. It won’t be long before the sun’s rays will seem a bit warmer and brighter. Every year the thought of tulips, leaves and green grass gets me all excited to be outside and digging in the dirt.

I am including a Community Letter on the website that Loretta Monson and Mary Burkett composed. Be sure to read the great ideas and thoughts they have about our wonderful town of Edinburg.

Congratulations to Ross Langerud and Krystyna Rivers on their new little baby boy, Jack Henry. He is a cutie-pie!

I also must congratulate Pastor Christopher and Pastor Rebecca Miller on the upcoming event of a new baby. We are so excited for them. What wonderful news!

Have a blessed Easter and we will talk later. GO SIOUX!


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March 18, 2008

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