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WOW! What a terrific weekend we had in Edinburg. Our Edinburg Community Club hosted a “Kick It Up a Notch” Brunch Sunday morning. We had a wonderful crowd of around 225 people who came to eat and just spend time visiting in a relaxing atmosphere. Our committee tried very hard to make this brunch an experience everyone would enjoy---and I believe they did! We wanted this to be special and make this more than the eggs, bacon and pancake type of brunch. We set up “stations” within the Community Center for the eggs, potatoes and burrito bar, a bread table, beverage table, dessert table and a very special carving station for ham and sausage. Each area was decorated differently with the bread table a bit more rustic with wicker and wirework to hold all the peasant breads, scones, muffins and sweetbreads. The dessert table was laden with crystal pieces tiered to showcase the many cheesecakes, tarts, tortes and delicious tiramisu. The main table held scrambled eggs, oven baked potatoes and a burrito bar with flour tortillas, shredded cheese, salsa and a “to die for” mushroom sauce. Our committee had a fun, fun time organizing all of this. The problem is I felt like I was absolutely on my last few days on earth this morning when I woke up. I know I am the oldest person involved with the planning and work and I mentioned at the “after-action meeting” tonight maybe we should put an old age limit as to when people should quit thinking they can still do stuff. I made 14 aprons with a big “E” on them with descending “dinburg” on it as a take-off on Emeril. Everyone looked so great with the aprons. Greg Hall, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to wear the chef’s hat and apron while you carved ham. You absolutely were the “man of the hour” agreeing to don the apparel to make this morning special.

We finally are having a bit of warmer weather. Mary Burkett made the comment last Saturday that we all must be nuts when we think 15 degrees is a heat wave! And, that is exactly what we were thinking as we kept talking how great it felt outside. It has been a long winter.

Our UND Fighting Sioux Hockey Team is still on a winning streak of 12 games. They swept Minnesota Duluth this past weekend. UND will start play-offs in March about the time we are supposed to go skiing at Big Sky, MT with our daughter and family. We love going out there to their condo because I can spend days just reading. Chuck skies (don’t tell him I told you this---but at 66 years of age I think he should maybe quit those black diamond slopes!) I worry about him but he knows his limits----I used to ski all those slopes also but now my limits are an easy chair with a good John Grisham or James Patterson book.

Our sympathy is extended to the family of Howard Florence. Except for the last couple of years, Howard and Nora were so faithful to drive down from Langdon to attend church in Edinburg. Also sympathy goes out to Corliss Gudmundson on the death of Leland. The Gudmundson’s lived in Edinburg many years ago. Leland was a barber and Corliss cooked noon lunches for all the hungry school students. They have resided in Carrington for many years.

Congratulations to Jesse and Kris Johansen on the birth of their boy, Egan Michael. Great-grandmother, Bonita told me Egan means “little fire”. Now Caden will have a little brother to watch over. Congrats to grandpa Randy and grandma Jan also.

Lyle and Bonnie Amundrud also have a new grandson. Travis and Kimberly Beck are the proud parents of baby Ryan Travis. I am sure big brother Anderson is excited too.

James and Doris Haug flew to Phoenix this past weekend to spend some time with Ken and Cindy Gross. I know they will have a great time in the warmth of the southwest. Beverley Hall is out in Boise visiting Connie and family.

Have a great day and we will visit later.


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February 26, 2008

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It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with.

Charlie Chaplin once won 3rd prize in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest.

A 10 gallon hat actually only holds about 3/4 of a gallon.

A butterfly can look at you through 12,000 eyes.

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

A giraffe and a rat can go longer without water than a camel can.