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HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

You know you are getting old when the staff at the “hotel” you are staying at says, “don’t forget your night-light” as we checked out! Whenever UND Hockey has home games, Chuck and I spend the weekend at the Grand Forks Air Base in their wonderful accommodations. They book us into the same suite every time, so the staff knows us very well. They all know our little idiosyncrasies and that we are set in our ways by bringing along things that are near and dear to us--like our nightlight and pillows. We have been known to leave both behind. The staff takes good care of us.

Besides leaving stuff behind, other things happen. Last Sunday morning at 7 AM, as we were going over to the Dining Facility to have breakfast, I hit a wrong button on our remote starter and set the car alarm off. I saw window shades moving to see what was going on. I truly wondered how I would live this down. When we got back to our rooms I apologized to the people at the front desk for all the noise I had made. The receptionist reminded us that Chuck had also set the car alarm off not too long ago from inside our room. Chuck remarked that the staff must really talk about us. The receptionist agreed they did, but they think we are always so pleasant and happy-go-lucky. That must mean something.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to Luann and Steve Ashpole and their 3 young daughters. Luann suffered a brain aneurysm December 22nd. Luann is in the ICU Unit at St Josephs Hospital in St. Paul. Luann’s story is in the “Caring Bridge” website. That is a wonderful site to keep friends and family updated on people hospitalized. I put the necessary information on how to get in to the site on the Home Page. The whole Ashpole family is in our thoughts and prayers daily.

There was an Open House Retirement Party for Mike Spanier before Christmas. Mike retired from Polar after being employed there for 30 years. Lots of people came to wish Ina well now that Mike will be home every day. Just kidding Mike! I know you are looking forward to retirement. It means you’ll have more time to be with the grandchildren.

At Mike’s Open House a plan started formulating in my mind as I thought of all these retired gentlemen around town. I think we should invite them to join Trinity WELCA so they can help with the serving that we do for various occasions. Our numbers are getting smaller----and older. These guys meet most all the requirements. They love to socialize----what better place than in the kitchen at Trinity helping with dishes, etc. They have time on their hands----what better way to utilize that time than by helping make hotdish. They are stronger than the gals----what better way to show off their brute strength then by lifting those heavy-duty dishwasher racks. The upside for the ladies is we’ll get in on some of that “knowledge” the guys are known for around the table at Cenex. They can share it with us in Trinity’s kitchen. Everybody wins!

Congratulations to Chad and Jana Gudmundson on their new baby girl born Christmas Eve. Her name is Allison Rey. I know of a set of very excited grandparents---Elroy and Vera Brandvold. I don’t suppose the rest of us had quite that much excitement over Christmas, but I do hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

The days are starting to stretch in length and the seed catalogs should soon be in the mailboxes. Can it get any better? Thanks Shelly for your message in the guestbook. You are a special young gal to me. Have a great day and will visit later.


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January 3, 2008

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Don't spend too much time worrying about these little thoughts!!