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Edinburg is under a cloud-----a big, white cloud-----a huge white cloud of flying snow! We had over a foot of snow and today the snow blowers are out in full force throughout the city. Imagine the hard work before these wonderful machines were invented! There is gleaming “white” wherever you look. Thankfully the wind is not blowing or we would be in a major blizzard. Welcome to winter.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Kansas with our sons and their families. On the trip down we stayed in Sioux City. Wow! We sure knew we were in Iowa. The television ran constant campaign ads for all the major candidates. I would think this would get tiresome mighty fast. While in Kansas we got caught up in the “Border Wars” between the University of Missouri Tigers and the Kansas University Jayhawk football teams. Our son Mike had a gathering for the “showdown” the Saturday after Thanksgiving. By the time the last 2 minutes were being played everyone was feeling pretty sad as KU lost their first game of the season. KU is not known for its football so they did go a long way this year.

Since Branson is only 4 hours from Kansas City we decided to drive there to take in a few of the Christmas shows. Christmas lights and cheer abounded all over Branson. We stayed out at Table Rock Lake which is so picturesque. We had a very friendly raccoon that would have loved to come into our condo and enjoy the fireplace with us. What a challenge that little bugger was! Chuck had to use my cane to keep him at bay. The shows were filled with Christmas music. I especially enjoyed the Gatlin Brothers who performed with the Lennon Sisters. As we left Branson Greg, Fred, Rodger and Connie (Simpson) Hall were arriving. They brought their mom, Beverley Hall to take in some of the Christmas shows.

When traveling it is fun for us to stop in small towns and enjoy the local atmosphere in the middle “Heartland of America”. We had breakfast in a little town called Lowry, MO. The local “table of knowledge” was in full force with men coming and going. The breakfast was terrific. Chuck likes the southern biscuits and gravy. It was fun watching people check out our license plate before entering the café.

The temperatures were in the 50’s when we left Missouri. The further north we drove the more the temperature dropped. It hit minus 4 degrees somewhere around Fargo. I couldn’t believe it was that cold back in home territory.

Christmas lights glitter all over Edinburg. I think Pastor Christopher and Pastor Rebecca were the first ones to have their home twinkling with outside lights. Edinburg look so inviting with all the lights around town. The snowfall has also added to the beauty of this season. Now if I could just “twitch my nose” and have my shopping done I would be one very content person. No, it really isn’t too hard. I’ll purchase a goat or a cow for a third world village in our grandchildren’s name and give our kids and their spouse’s gift cards to Starbucks. That should do it!!! Get real, Rita!!! I may do some of that.

Wedding plans are busily being discussed in the Dave and Loretta Monson household. Loretta said she was so busy talking plans with Katie on the phone the other day she missed the Highway 32 turn off to Edinburg and ended up near Petersburg. I think she wanted a closer look at the wind turbines.

Our sympathy goes out to Fred Holm and family on the sudden death of Gudrun. She passed away just before Thanksgiving. Also, sympathy is extended to the family of Frances Kjelland who died unexpectedly last Saturday. Both Gudrun and Frances will be missed at Trinity and in the community.

Have a great day and we’ll talk later. Go Sioux!


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December 5, 2007

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