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Dinah Washington had a hit song when I was a teenager called, “What a Difference A Day Makes---24 Little Hours”, and how true that statement is! We went from beautiful weather with temperatures in the high 60’s to cold and windy weather that chilled to the bone. I guess this weather pattern may not be that unusual for this time of the year. We truly have had gorgeous autumn weather.

Winter is definitely close at hand. The trees look so bare and forlorn without their leaves and the days are so short. O well, in about 50 days they will start to lengthen again. The way time flies that will be just around the corner.

Seasons change, weather changes, the landscape changes; but, the one constant we do have in Edinburg is seeing the headlights of Doran Olafson’s pickup each morning as he delivers the Grand Forks Herald. Doran is usually in town around 4:30 – 5:00 am to make sure everyone has a paper to read while eating their breakfast. He is so faithful. Too often I forget how much we take this daily task for granted and don’t let Doran know how much he is appreciated.

The “ghosts and goblins” were out last night in the cold and blustery weather. We only had about 20 come to our door. There were many cute costumes worn by the trick or treaters. I hope they all don’t get tummy aches from too much candy.

It is November so it is time for the Edinburg Fire Department’s night of “BIG BINGO”. That is going to be held Friday, November 16th at the Community Center. I know they always get a big crowd as big bingo has been a tradition for many years.

We have a busy weekend ahead as we head south to Grand Forks to watch Sioux hockey Friday and Saturday night. We also are going to watch Andrew Sorbo play Sioux football on Saturday afternoon against St Cloud State in the Alerus Center. I just might take in the “Pride of Dakota” show also as that is in the Alerus too. It will be a fun time.

Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving just around the corner it is time to start thinking about Christmas. It won’t be long before the annual Candlelight Service at Trinity will be held. I look forward to this time of the year.

It was fun to hear from Ken and Faye Olafson. They saw the picture of the lighthouse beacon I had posted on the website. Ken just happens to be the historical director of the museum we visited in Westport, WA. Had we known we would have stopped in to say hello. Thanks for the email.

We were at the Grafton Lutheran Church Dinner last Sunday. I had lefse for the first time this year and it sure tasted good. Have a great day and will visit later.


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November 1, 2007

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Question of the Week:

What do you like best about this time of the year?

LeRoy Pederson: I like that it is only 50 days or so until the days get longer.

John H. Johnson: I'm glad the harvest is done. More time to relax.

John Evenson: I like the nice fall days.

Chuck Mielke: I like the crisp, clean air.

Wayne Meyer: I am glad the mosquitos are gone and I enjoy all the church suppers.

Nick Sveen: I am glad the harvest is done

Randy Johansen: I'm not crazy about the shorter days, but I am glad harvest is over.

Judy Sorbo: I love this time of the year because of Sioux football.