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I hadn’t planned on another “Crow’s Nest” before the big celebration; but, changed my mind.

The biggest news is the fire that leveled Odalen Lutheran Church six miles west of Edinburg last Thursday, the 21st of June. What a horrible night for everyone. The fire call came in about 7:45 PM when many of the locals were at the Community Center working on the plans for the 125th. I didn’t go to the meeting that night, so about 8 PM Chuck called me from the Community Center and said I may want to go out to Odalen as it was burning. Watching the fire evoked so many memories. I was baptized, confirmed and married there. How well I remember our Christmas programs every year. As children we learned Christmas “pieces” to recite during the program. Afterwards we would get “Christmas” candy with an apple in a brown paper bag. Presents would be exchanged among the people. What a magical night that was. I also remember as a child the furnace heat would come up to the sanctuary through a large grate in the floor. How much fun it was to stand over it and have the hot air blowing around us.

Memorial Day was and has been a big event at Odalen since around 1925. I remember in my younger years having the church so full that chairs would be set up outside for the overflow. A program would be held with many musical numbers and poems being read. There would always be a speaker who would talk----on and on and on----in my childhood way of thinking. A huge lunch of potato salad, baked beans, Jell-O salad, homemade buns and dessert was always served. It was a “Lutheran Moment” for sure!!!! The tradition has continued as we held Memorial Day Services at Odalen this past May 27th. The only change the last 2 years is that the lunch following the service was held at the Edinburg Community Center.

Odalen will be a sweet memory for many of us. I appreciate all the emails I have received from people who used to attend there as children and now live in various places. Hartley Troftgruben, who was home from Oregon, came out to the church the day after the fire. I know he felt the terrible loss as much as we all did.

Today was an exciting day for the members of Trinity and Pembina Hills Lutheran Church’s. Christopher and Rebecca Miller accepted our call to serve our 2 congregations and we helped them move into the parsonage this morning. We are thrilled to have both of them here and are pleased they will be in Edinburg to help us celebrate our 125th this coming week. WELCOME TO THE EDINBURG–GARDAR-MOUNTAIN communities!

Well, the finishing touches are being put on everything related to the celebration. We are busily practicing for the Historical Pageant. I know everyone will be “punchy” this coming week as we cram meetings, practices and everything else while trying to keep up with the everyday things that need to be done. Many of us are expecting lots of family home for the occasion so things are hectic all over the area. Edinburg looks SO nice with people taking extra time to “spiff” their homes and yards up. It is fun to walk around town and see how beautiful this wonderful little Edinburg truly is.

I won’t be posting any celebration pictures until after the 14th of July as on Sunday after our church celebration we are packing up our whole family—kids and grandkids and going to the lakes in Minnesota. I am leaving all my electronic gadgets at home to include my laptop and hope to spend the week reading Khaled Hosseini’s new novel, “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. He was the author of the wonderful book, “The Kite Runner”.

Have a wonderful 4th of July. The Halls are having a family reunion and are expecting about 175 relatives home. They will REALLY have a full week! Talk with you later.


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June 29, 2007

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A huge belated "Happy 70th Birthday" to Bernice Flanagan. She had a big party for many people last Monday, July 9th. She had cake and ice cream for the young children along with a clown and balloons. She also invited the residents of Borg to come and help her celebrate. "Edinburgers" from the area stopped in to wish her a "Happy Birthday". A group of Bernice's friends joined her for a special celebration dinner Monday evening also. Bernice said it was so much fun that she would like to do it again next year! I'll make sure I'm here to join in on the fun.