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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! It is great to have a day set aside to acknowledge all those dads who are so important to their children.

Who says you have to go to Hollywood to become a movie star? We have lots of “stars” right here in Edinburg. This past week our town has been a wide open movie set with “stars” from the community holding center stage in the making of a sure to be Oscar winning documentary on how wonderful it is to live in Edinburg and the surrounding countryside. This positive show-stopper was recorded by the famous Producers and Directors and Editors of the production company, “Lighthouse Media” out of Minneapolis. Steve Swenson (Joann Hall’s) husband and his brother Peter own the company. They brought with them 15 year old Nate Anderson who is working with them this summer. The three guys spent this past Wednesday through Friday filming everything about Edinburg and its community. It was hard to fit everything in. TJ and I followed them around trying to coordinate all the stops. At the beginning of the planning for the 125th, the “Monson” siblings along with their spouses said we would work on a commemorative DVD depicting the story of Edinburg. That really was one tall order, but we persevered and tried to touch on many aspects of the community and include many memories through picture and voice. Steve and Peter took the taping they did back to Minneapolis and will edit and refine everything to make what I know will be a wonderful depiction of Edinburg and its community. I do want to thank everyone who submitted pictures. We are including many on the DVD.

We have been blessed with lots and lots of rain lately. The moisture sure makes for green grass wherever you look. Hopefully the weather forecast for the 125th will be in a sunny, dry cycle. No one is complaining about this moisture---like Allen Sorbo said after church today, “I would much rather have it wet than dry in my fields”.

CRUNCH TIME is here as we busily try to tie up all the loose ends before celebration time. This coming week is full of practices and meetings. I know many of us feel tired and just a little overwhelmed with making sure everything is done and in place, but come July 6th we will be so excited to see our little town fill up with people coming to help celebrate. We are really waiting to see everyone. We want you to know we are so glad you will be here and we hope everyone has a wonderful time. Edinburg is a special community.

Condolences go to Bonnie and Lyle Amundrud on the death of Lyle’s sister Vonda. Also, we think about Bonnie as during the death of Vonda, Bonnie was hospitalized with heart problems. To complicate matters Bonnie’s mother, Margaret Lerud is starting dialysis. I keep them in my prayers.

Congratulations to Chris and Cindy Vargeson on their new baby boy, Cylen Peter. Chris is all smiles when he talks about their new addition. Also, congratulations to Rodney and Jan Nygard on another grand-daugther. Brad and Stacey (Nygard) Dahl had baby McKenzie Claire recently. Rodney assured me he absolutely has the cutest grand-daughters in the whole world with Cassie and McKenzie.

Yesterday was a very sad day for David, Ruth, me and our spouses as we were in Devils Lake to bid a sad goodbye to our cousin, Steve Johnson’s wife, Ingrid. Ingrid fought a gallant battle for 10 years against breast cancer. She was one of the most gracious and fun-loving people I ever knew. The huge crowd at her funeral was a testament to how much people loved and admired her. We will never forget her.

We will talk later and hope to see many of you in just a few days!


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June 17, 2007

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