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Happy Birthday, LeRoy!!!! Here’s wishing you a great day.

There is truly nothing better than going for an early morning walk in Edinburg on a cool, spring morning. Everything is quiet except for the birds chirping their good morning greetings along with one very loud-mouthed squirrel who chatters incessantly. The peacefulness and solitude of the walk quickly changes when I fire up my I-Pod and walk to the beat of The Gaither Vocal Band, Vince Gill, Travis Tritt and many others. I enjoy the company of music as I walk the blocks of Edinburg

It never gets old watching our little corner of the world come to life in the spring. Tractors pulling equipment are on the go and in the fields planting seed, anhydrous tanks fly by the house, green grass almost everywhere, yellow finches at the feeders, flickers poking at the grass, potholes on #9, hibernating lady bugs reappearing after a winter’s rest, the sound of lawn mowers gearing up for another season, mild temperatures AND wind! We truly could not have it any better.

I know I write this every year, but it is so great to see Edinburg come to life after a long winter of cold weather and short, overcast days. The outdoor activity factor jumps way up with residents out enjoying the spring air whether doing yard work or just walking around town. Of course, this is not a new concept for Joe Kertz as he faithfully walked their pet dog almost every evening all winter long. I would see Joe go by and I would shiver thinking about how cold it was all the while admiring Joe’s discipline.

I play the piano sometimes when they have church services at Park Center Lutheran Church east of Edinburg. Last Sunday there was a special service honoring Adeline Denault on her 80th Birthday. What a morning of music. Two of her children, Gerald and Lynelle played guitars and sang “I’ll Fly Away” and “The Old Family Bible”. Gerald also played the fiddle. They were wonderful. Besides their music, Doug Langerud sang a couple of songs and we all know how talented he is. Adeline had about 50 people there to surprise her. It was a fun morning for all of the Denault family.

Norby’s Diner is up for sale. We eat many a meal there. At breakfast all I say is, “the usual” and Angie fixes me an egg with bacon and cheese on an English muffin with jelly! Sounds good, huh? I know owning a restaurant is hard work, so I hope Chris and Angie can find a buyer.

Congratulations to Mike and Jodi (Hall) Crockett on their new baby girl, Haidyn Rae. Haidyn was born April 15th and is welcomed by big brother Jase and big sister Halle. Bumma Ruthie has kept the pavement hot between here and Fargo!

Debi Johnson is home after being hospitalized in Minneapolis with a brain aneurysm. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Debi, and we wish you a very speedy recovery.

Tragedy struck when fire destroyed the home of Ron and Judith Samdahl recently. Thankfully no one was home at the time, but they lost everything. There is a benefit in town this Sunday for them

Also, happy birthday to my favorite sons, Dave and Mike. They are 38 years old today. It doesn’t seem that long ago I was strolling “the twins” around Edinburg when Chuck was in Viet Nam. And, a special birthday greeting to cousin Keith on a very special birthday yesterday. I know you had a great day on the golf course, Keith.

Time to go watch my heirloom tomatoes grow. Have a great day and will visit later.


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April 27, 2007

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