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“Spring, spring, wherefore art thou spring”----or something like that! It has been unbelievably cold and miserable the last few weeks. Many parts of the state have experienced sizeable snowfalls and the temperatures just seem to hover in the 20’s. I am sure the farmers are anxious to get out in the fields to prepare the ground for planting. The lawns around Edinburg haven’t “greened” up yet either. I am so anxious to see buds on the trees and life in my gardens. Warm weather will soon be there though, as we saw a couple of gophers this past weekend.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. I know we did as we spent the time in Minot with our daughter, Kris and her family. I so enjoy the drive to Minot. I love the landscape between Cando, Wolford and Rugby. It is desolate to look at, but there is true beauty in the rolling hills and grasslands of the area.

Congratulations, Barb (Anderson). You are now a member of the “Special Mom’s Club”-----you have a child who has turned 40!!! O yes Suzy, Happy 40th birthday to you too! Life begins at 40 so enjoy every minute of it.

I received such a nice email from Andy Althoff. He is stationed in Iraq with the US Customs and Border Patrol. He said he misses the quiet calm of Edinburg and the little things we all take for granted like seeing Orlando Gryde eat a Hershey bar at Everett’s gas station every morning, getting a haircut and political lesson at LeRoy’s Barber Shop on Saturdays and dodging numerous deer on Highway 32 when he heads north each morning. He thanked Edinburg people for making sure Mary, his wife was doing okay and that he would be home in May. He also said all the U.S. soldiers who are in harm’s way should be an inspiration to all. It was nice to hear from him and I know we all pray for his safety.

I know you all have heard the phrase, “Keeping up with the Joneses”. Well, I am trying to keep up with my relatives----namely sister, Ruth and sister-in-law, Loretta. They each got new gas stoves, so I just had to have one also! Their stoves do just about everything so of course, I could not let them “one-up-me”---I had to try to maintain the standard they set. Chuck just shakes his head. It is rather ironic, because I am scared of our gas fireplace, but insisted on getting a gas stove. Go figure!!!

The 125th Celebration is coming along nicely. There are many activities planned for the 3 day celebration. If any readers want to know specifics please feel free to contact me at I will either try to answer your questions or refer you to someone who can.

Adele Anderson had angioplasty with stents inserted. She is recuperating in Cavalier at her daughter, Jolayne’s home. I understand she is doing very well. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Members of Trinity Church are busy updating the church parsonage. Rooms have been painted, repair work done and new tile and carpeting is being installed. It will really be nice when it is finished. New siding was put on the exterior last summer, so when this project is done, it will be like a whole new house. Now, if we could only get a minister.

I am hoping Mother Nature cooperates as the High School Prom is this Saturday night.

I am anxiously awaiting a telephone call saying niece, Jodi (Hall) Crockett has delivered a new sister for big brother, Jase and sister, Halle.

Talk with you soon and a very special 40th Happy Birthday to Professor Lisa. Have a great B-day!!!


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April 10, 2007

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