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PICTURE THIS: You are sitting on a white, sandy beach in Hawaii eating fresh pineapple or sipping a Mai Tai while a ukulele is being strummed in the background. Palm trees are swaying in the breeze keeping time to the music as hula dancers entertain for your enjoyment before the luau begins. How delicious does this seem? Well, Edinburg’s own Mary Seim along with her son Doug, niece Nancy and another niece are probably doing exactly what we day-dream about. They are vacationing in Hawaii enjoying the wonderful tropical climate.

BACK TO REALITY: We had a snowy, snowy day yesterday with winds that picked up today. There are blizzard conditions throughout a big portion of North Dakota and Minnesota. Schools have been cancelled the last 2 days along with most activities in the central and eastern part of the state. No travel was recommended yesterday going into this morning. I am guessing we had at least 10 inches of snow.

Yesterday it was almost impossible to get around Edinburg. There were a few “stuck” vehicles on the streets. There were tractors with snow blowers out making pathways for us silly people who just “needed” to be out and about. Harold Einerson was out early, early this morning plowing the streets. It really is a winter wonderland outside.

Our son, Dave and his family drove up from Lawrence, Kansas a week ago yesterday. That was a Thursday. They had barely arrived when weather alerts started for bad weather that weekend. Our grandson, Brogan had to be home for high school baseball try-outs the following Monday. Needless to say their visit was cut short by storm predictions. They left Saturday morning for the 800 mile trip. That was a long way to drive for a couple of meals!! There seems to always be bad weather long the I-29 corridor. It was great having them here, even for such a short time.

I talked with Edinburg’s “traveler”, Vera Brandvold last night. She just returned from a trip to Italy with her sister, Verna and Verna’s family. Vera said they first went to Rome, then to Florence and on to Venice. They also visited Pompeii. I understand they had a wonderful trip.

“Wei geht es Ihnen heute?” “Danke gut, und Ihnen?” I am just trying to polish up my conversational German a bit---no---a WHOLE LOT! We are planning a trip back to Germany in May to revisit again many of the places we have been before. This time David and Loretta Monson are going with us. It will be so much fun to be tour guides for them. Loretta is “inquisitive and wants to know details” and I love to “explain and expound on everything” so it should be a wonderful time (for at least the 2 of us)! It really will be a great trip and a beautiful time of the year with all the flowers in the numerous gardens and window boxes throughout Germany. I can already taste the schnitzel.

All of us Edinburg Scandinavians hopefully can become a wee bit Irish on March 17th. The Business Club is sponsoring an evening of Polka music along with an Irish meal. We did this last year and it was well attended. Matt and the Dakota Dutchmen will provide the music. They are from Lankin and can really keep everyone on the dance floor. Last year a local Polka Club from the Lankin – Fordville area came to spend the evening, so we hope they will return again this year.

Sympathy goes to Allen, Judy, Diana, Andrew and Sara on the loss of Allen’s mom (grandmother) this past week. It was a sad time for all of us, but even in the sadness we had lots and lots of laughs and fun remembering Auntie Bee.

Talk with you later-----March really came in like a lion so surely she will go out like a lamb!


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March 2, 2007

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