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What a super time we had tonight on this Valentine’s Day! We were treated to a first class meal at the Edinburg Community Center. The Fund Raising Committee for the 125th Anniversary prepared a wonderful sit down dinner for the public. The ambiance in the Community Center was very romantic and special. Tables were covered with red cloths and candles were lit. The first course was a salad with slices of homemade bread. Everyone had a choice between a pork chop with gravy or grilled chicken. Along with the meat, creamer potatoes and baby carrots were served. Wine was optional for those who desired a glass. To finish the meal white cake adorned with cream and strawberries and drizzled with chocolate was served. It was a terrific meal and a fun time.

This evening was just what I needed after a very sad day. My aunt, Bernice Sorbo is in Altru Hospital in Grand Forks. She is in Intensive Care and is very ill. I spent a portion of today at the hospital with my cousin, Allen and his wife Judy. Allen hasn’t left his mother's side since she was admitted last night. My heart is heavy tonight.

I remember about a month ago I was touting the wonderful, mild winter weather we were having. How quickly temperatures change! We, along with a good portion of the Midwest, have been experiencing frigid, frigid weather. It seems we’ve had over 2 weeks of below zero weather. It got down to minus 28 one morning. That was not wind chill factor, but real temperature.

Even the birds are affected by these cold temperatures. The finches and sparrows are really devouring sunflower seeds and thistle. It is an ongoing task to keep the feeders full with so many birds at the feeders.

Edinburg “eyes” were tuned in to the “Oprah Show” last Friday afternoon. Ruth Hall, Katie Hall, Jodi Crockett and Jeannie Hillier from Hoople flew to Chicago to see Oprah. Well, they saw Oprah and we saw them!! I had “Tivoed” the show so I could freeze each frame and really check the four of them out! They sat in the 2nd row and were quite visible. Ruth said the experience was fantastic. The show was about child slavery in Africa and was so very compelling to watch. They enjoyed some of the coldest days Chicago has had this winter.

I thought we may escape the winter chill with a quick trip to Kansas. But that didn’t happen as they had 30 degrees below average temperatures while we were there. We went to Lawrence, KS last week to be a part of our son Dave’s wedding. He married a wonderful lady named Nadina who is originally from Germany. About 45 friends and family helped them celebrate this special day in their lives.

The only people who seem to be enjoying warm weather are David and Loretta Monson. They have been in Florida for a couple of weeks. All their “kids” and granddaughter, Madelyn May, joined them for a week. David said Loretta lounged by the pool quite a bit. They come home to reality today.

I didn’t mean to make this Crow’s Nest only about my family. I guess it must mean I don’t get out and about enough to hear what else is going on in and around Edinburg! There will be lots more news once the weather warms up.

Mandy Stenerson, a long time resident of Edinburg died last week at the age of 98. Mandy had been living in Grand Forks for a number of years. She was always such a gracious and beautiful lady. I remember many times spent at Mandy and Stanley’s home while I was growing up. My sympathy to the Stenerson family.

A FEW THINGS TO PONDER: Where is the “bottom of your heart”? How come your “tickled pink”? Why do you buy a “pair of jeans”? What does “your neck of the woods” mean? And the BIG ONE----Do you “take a shower”, “get a shower” or “have a shower”? As my partner in life says to me when I ask him these thought provoking questions, “Rita, you have WAY too much time on your hands”!

Have a great day and a big hello to Doris in Seattle for being such a faithful reader. (Doris is a sister-in-law of Bonita Olson). Will talk with you later.


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February 14, 2007

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