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Has anyone every lost sleep over trying to plan something? I’m having a terrible time trying to organize a “family” vacation. One would think that shouldn’t be too difficult. Our first destination was Germany where our kids spent almost 5 years. That changed to Hawaii, then why not Boston as we lived there for 4 years also! No, let’s try Washington DC or San Antonio. How about Hilton Head, SC or a ski trip to Steamboat? No, Kris and family go to Big Sky every March for a week of skiing and school vacations are different in Kansas and North Dakota so that wouldn’t work. Whew! I think we’ll just pitch a tent at Homme Dam and hope for the best!!

I don’t know if it just my age or what, but “Christmas” seems to come earlier every year. Halloween hadn’t even been celebrated when Christmas music came through the sound systems and Christmas displays were prevalent in many of the stores in Fargo and Grand Forks. Poor Thanksgiving doesn’t even stand a chance anymore! That’s my soapbox for this week.

We are truly enjoying beautiful weather in this area. It gets down into the high teens and twenties at night but during the day we see nice 30 plus degree weather. I could take a whole winter of temperatures in that range. I do hope we get good snowfall so the snowmobilers can have a great winter outdoors.

Deer hunting started a week ago yesterday. We don’t hunt, but we did start the season with a wonderful breakfast in Adams put on by the men of Mountain Lutheran Church. I don’t know how many years this tradition has been, but know they were serving the breakfast in ’92 when we retired back here. It was fun driving over to Adams with David and Loretta and visiting with hunters and non-hunters from all around the area.

I am so proud of 2 young Edinburg residents. Morgan Ellingson and Brandon Kartes are spearheading an “Adopt a Soldier” program for soldiers stationed in Iraq. Morgan’s aunt, Alicia Holmgren and her husband Bruce are stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany and Alicia gave them information on the program. Morgan and Brandon are asking people to help them furnish care packages they will send to these soldiers. They also request that people send notes of encouragement and above all else, to pray for our soldiers. I would ask people to help these two selfless youngsters by donating items and writing cards or giving a monetary donation as there will be postage to send packages. Some of the items that could be sent are disposable razors, toothpaste and brushes, batteries, hand sanitizer, packets of instant noodles, DVDs, books, magazines, puzzle books and such. Good job Morgan and Brandon!

Basketball practice has started for both the boys and the girls. Harold Flom made a quick trip to Texas pulling their travel trailer and got it in place. All this must mean winter is around the corner.

Bernice is planning a huge 14th annual Christmas Extravaganza at the Edinburg General Store the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. She is having a Lefse demonstration, Homemade Salsa tasting, the North Dakota Wooly Girls and a Gourmet Soup Sampling in the Bird Room. Sounds like a very ambitious couple of days. The “icing on the cake” is a drawing for One Night’s Free Lodging for Two on New Year’s Eve in THE SOD HUT! What a deal. There will be an evening meal compliments of Norby’s Diner, champagne compliments of Fireside Lounge and a musical serenade by the “The Monsons”------that is Ruthie, David and I. We had better get the windpipes ready.

Hello to Marion Troftgruben who lives in Fargo. I understand she is a loyal Crowsnest reader. I really appreciate everyone who takes time to look at our site. Have a great Thanksgiving and the password to the Message Board is crowsnest.


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November 18, 2006

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