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Uffda, the creative writing “juices” are on vacation this morning---just when I need them most! I wanted to get a new Crow’s Nest on the website before we leave for Kansas later this morning and I can’t think of a thing to write about. What a dilemma.

Fall is definitely here. We have had more than our share of wind, wind, wind lately. Every tree looks so bare without foliage. Just think, only 7 months until we have trees with leaves again. The temperatures indicate autumn also as our thermometer has fallen to 22 degrees a couple of mornings. There is something to be said though for that crisp, clean air early in the morning.

Beet harvest has been somewhat erratic as temperatures soar in the afternoon making it too warm to dig and then drop to too cold during the early, early morning hours. I remember from Chuck hauling beets how hard it was to get any good sleeping done. Hopefully the harvest is winding down.

UND Hockey has started again so our weekends are getting busy. I also love the women’s basketball at UND so it is hard to make plans around these two activities. Allen and Judy Sorbo drove to Omaha this weekend to watch their son Andrew play football for the UND Sioux. UND lost a heart-breaker to the Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks, 21 – 20. This was the first loss for the Sioux.

Last Saturday morning was cool and sunny as the “Sod House” project began. About 30 people showed up at David and Loretta Monson’s to help cut and load sod on to a flat bed trailer. Loretta served breakfast before cutting began. Bonnie Amundrud and Ruth Hall flipped the pancakes for the group. There are lots of pictures scattered around the website related to the sod project. They finished cutting and loading the sod around 11 AM. A noon lunch was also provided for the group so no one went hungry last Saturday!!! Construction begins this coming Saturday on the Polar lot across the street from the City Park. This project has sparked interest outside of the Edinburg area. Help came last Saturday from Fairdale, Mountain, Grafton and Drayton. A gentleman called David last night from someplace in Minnesota and plans on coming this Saturday. The Grand Forks Herald has had a couple of small articles in the paper and I understand the Fargo Forum is coming to do a piece on the project. Wow! This has really taken on quite a life------and to think this all formulated in David’s head about 2 years ago---except he thought he should build the sod house and sell time shares!!!

“Sir” Mike Olafson left for Iceland this morning with his son Bob. He was excited about going and would be spending his birthday there. I thought Mike said he would be back the 23rd.

I don’t like having to close the Crow’s Nest with sad news all the time. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to John and Carol Bjornson and Richard and Mary Wild on the death of John and Mary’s brother, Julian. They recently lost their brother, David so they have had more than their share of grief and heartbreak. Also, our sincere sympathy to the family of Gloria Brandvold. Gloria died last week and her funeral was last Saturday. It saddens everyone when we lose friends from this community.

I’ll be spending the next week in the land of Dorothy and Toto. Have a great day!


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October 16, 2006

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