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This is truly a day of remembering the awful events of 5 years ago. I am sure everyone can pinpoint exactly what they were doing when they heard about or saw the World Trade Center being hit by the hijacked airplanes. It was and still is a horrible day to even comprehend! It seems more real having visited “Ground Zero” and seeing the devastation through the words of those who experienced that day.

WELL, what a party we had in Edinburg last night!!! Our Main Street is now shining with the new street lights and are they ever nice. At least 150 people came to the Community Center for ice cream sundaes with a choice of toppings. Our Business Club President, Rose Denault welcomed everyone and Brandon Kartes led everyone in the “Pledge of Allegiance”. Bernice Flanagan did a wonderful job of recognizing all the new residents of the area. That really added a nice touch to the evening. It is so important that we remember to acknowledge when families move into our town and area. (Bernice is so good in doing just that!) After ice cream we all went outside and waited for Stuart Brundsvold (the electrician) to “throw the switch”. Young children of Edinburg released 10 balloons to soar skyward in celebration of the lights. We closed the evening with everyone singing “God Bless America” as we stood out on Main Street. What a night! About 8 months ago I really wondered if this project would ever come to fruition. WOW! It has and then some. It is hard to express how every donation given is so appreciated. The generosity of the community has been awesome. A big thank you goes to those who no longer live here but became a part of making this happen also.

Once again our Trinity Turkey Supper was a huge success. We served 550 people and had to turn people away. We ran out of food. 400 people came to the church to eat and 150 were take-outs. It is amazing how people come from all over the area to enjoy the supper. The day was just beautiful with lots of sunshine and no wind. A perfect fall day. Everyone worked very hard to make this supper a winner once again.

At this stage in my life I notice more acutely the ups and downs of aging. I could chalk up receiving Social Security as an “up”, but sometimes the “downs” just win out! As grey marches through my hair it is getting curly, wiry and unmanageable. May be it is time for a different hairdo after 40 years. The worst is traveling. Last Sunday morning I took out a travel-size bottle of what I thought was moisture cream and put it on my face. I had lathered my face with shampoo. That probably doesn’t sound too disturbing---but trying to get shampoo off my face proved to be a daunting task. I guess either the writing on the bottle needs to be larger or I need another eye appointment.

The days are most definitely getting shorter and there is the smell of autumn in the air. This really is a beautiful time of the year. The leaves are turning in the coulees and look so beautiful in their golds, reds and yellows.

Condolences go to the family of Ted Lee. Ted passed away last week. His infectious smile cheered everyone up and he will be missed by the community.

Have a good week. I’m hitting the road for Minot. Talk with you later.


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September 11, 2006

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