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Sights, sounds and smells always seem to evoke past memories --or-- thoughts of what is to come. I woke up at 3:30 this morning, pressed my face to the window screen and listened to the sound of the grain dryer down at the elevator busily drying grain. A lone cricket was vying for recognition also just below the window. Autumn is definitely “around the corner”. The air just smells different and as I look at the huge, old trees in Agnes Bjerke’s yard I see Mother Nature readying herself for her winter’s sleep. Yellow is quickly seeping into the leaves. Soon those beautiful leaves will be on the ground. It won’t be long before I will be hurriedly picking in my tomatoes whether they are ripe or not because a frost is predicted. Summer goes by way to fast in northeast North Dakota.

I went down to the Superette yesterday to get a few groceries. As I left I told Susie Kartes I had to hurry home to finish canning tomatoes. She started reminiscing how she loved when Grandma Ida (Sondreson) would make macaroni and tomatoes and what a wonderful favorite that was for her. That got me thinking about the comfort foods we used to eat and will always remember. I can still taste mother’s prune whip. I did not like it. Ruthie loved it. I did love her homemade vegetable soup with lots of cabbage and rutabaga in it. O how sweet those food memories are. I am sure everyone who reads this can relate to some meal that was special to them.

Everyday I wait for the light poles to be delivered. They should be coming this week. The lights are here and ready to be installed---all we need are the poles!!! I ordered “flag and banner” cloth to make banners to hang on each pole. The banners will be in autumnal colors. Loretta Monson said she would help make the banners. Edinburg’s Main Street will be awesome once the lights are installed.

Our annual Turkey Supper is scheduled for Wednesday, Sep 6. As I have mentioned before, we serve about 500 people. It is quite an undertaking and gets harder every year as we are all getting older----and older. My job has been to make the dressing. I make 7 electric roasters of it. Thankfully, people always sign up to help the day before. This year they will help scrape and slice 115 pounds of carrots, chop onions and celery, plus toast 32 loaves of bread. It is great when everyone “pitches in” to make the supper such a success.

It is quiet around town again as school started last week. I am sure it is different for my sister-in-law, Loretta Monson, as she retired at the end of last year. She was a wonderful science teacher and I know she will really be missed in the school system. But I know Loretta will enjoy her time at home with no real schedule. I know I will enjoy having her retired as it is great fun getting together with Loretta and David for afternoon coffee. We always find something to talk about.

Tonight my thoughts are with Greg Hall as he had surgery yesterday to remove bone spurs and 2 discs from his back. He had surgery at Abbott Hospital in Minneapolis. About 3 weeks ago Greg awoke with tingling in his left arm. Heart problems were ruled out. He lost all feeling in his arm so after doctor visits he was referred to Abbott. Ruth called after surgery yesterday saying they had replaced the discs with 2 plates and 6 screws. You are in our prayers Greg and we will see you very soon---after all, you are a special brother-in-law!!!

Lillian Troftgruben was supposed to return home today after being hospitalized and then in the Good Samaritan Home mending after falling and breaking her hip. I know Harold is thrilled to have her back in Edinburg with him.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Hi Lisa and Mitch! Talk with you all later.


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August 29, 2006

Crow's Nest Logo


Plans are steadily being made for our celebration next July. Kris Vendsel of Minot submitted the winning logo for our celebration.

Plans and ideas are quickly coming together. Dave & Loretta Monson will start the "sod house" project in October. Many, many people have volunteered to him build it. It will be constructed on the area that the Polar Building is sitting on.

If you plan to come and need commercial housing arrangements reservations should be made as soon as possible. Facilities are:

Camper Parking-Edinburg has 10 sites next to the park (full facilities) Shelly Evenson, owner 701-993-8207

Icelandic State Park-full hook-up and primitive sites ND residents call 800-807-4723. Out of state call 701-265-4561


AmericInn, Grafton 701-352-2788 Super 8, Grafton 701-352-0888 Leonard Motel 800-498-1730 Alexander House, Park River 701-284-7141 Cedar Inn, Cavalier 701-265-8341

If you need more information please email me at or mail them to Box 66, Edinburg.

We are excited about our up-coming party next summer.