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North Dakota can be wonderful if we give it a chance. This summer so far has been “delicious” in the fact that we have NOT been invaded by mosquitoes. I know this all comes at a cost---farmers and farmlands really need moisture, so it is selfish to be happy with the mosquito population at a minimum. Suzie Kartes would differ as she was bitten and required lots of medical attention. Suzie says those mosquitoes really like her!

It has been 33 days since I last wrote a “Crow’s Nest”. I apologize, but we were on vacation. A good question is: Do retired people really need to take a vacation? The answer is: Yes, they do and we did. We spent a wonderful 4th of July in Red Lodge, Montana with most of the Monson cousins. We had our own “float” in the Red Lodge 4th of July parade and we sang the whole time. Time and years just seemed to “peel back” as we all got together to enjoy one another’s company. It truly was a wonderful, wonderful time. We also made fools of ourselves singing 3 part harmony in a VERY upscale restaurant while other patrons had to “put up with us”! What fun.

One of my main concerns going to this reunion was our itinerary. We would go to Red Lodge but from there we were going through Yellowstone into the Grand Tetons to Ogden, Utah. I have a (she needs therapy type of fear) of edges and heights. I dreaded having to go over Beartooth Pass to enter Yellowstone National Park. Fortunately, Chuck and Greg “checked out” the pass a day early so we could take another entrance into Yellowstone. It was great fun watching “Old Faithful” blow off steam. There must have been 2,000 people waiting to see the geyser.

It was special to visit the Mormon Conference Center in Salt Lake City. This is where you see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing. The building is 8 stories----4 stories are built below ground and 4 stories are above ground. It is built in an arc shape with NO pillars for support. It seats 20,000 people. What a spectacular building.

It is good to be home again and to get on with all the Edinburg activities. Last night was a “Hot time in the Old Town”! A tour bus of “Son’s of Norway” members from the Grand Forks vicinity spent the day in this area. They toured Hall’s Potato House in Hoople, Icelandic State Park, Vikur Church and the Mountain Chalet in Mountain stopping for lunch at Byron’s Bar in Mountain. From there they traveled south with a stop at Jill Mullen’s “Oldies but Goodies” shop in Gardar and on to Odalen Lutheran Church west of Edinburg (Odalen was recently put on the National Historical Registry) where Doug Langerud presented a “mini” concert of gospel music. Their last stop before the evening activities was a visit to the Park River Bible Camp. The Edinburg Business Club served supper to the tour group and everyone else interested in attending. We served 200 people a meal of potato salad, sliced ham and turkey, cucumber salad, Chinese noodle salad, homemade brown bread and buns, and skewered fruit drizzled with chocolate. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful appetite! The evening culminated with dancing to the music of the Pecka Band from the Lawton area. They played old time music for the enjoyment of everyone in attendance. These activities take much planning but the results make it a fun event.

One day of recuperation as tomorrow, July 22nd is Edinburg’s 2nd Annual Mud Run held by the fire station. Harold Flom dug a long pit with his bobcat and the firemen will fill it in with water so those entering can really get muddy riding their 4 wheelers. The Business Club will be serving grilled brats with all the fixings. It is supposed to be up to 90 degrees tomorrow so hopefully we will find a shady location to set up the grills.

Summer is flying by. Harvest has started around the area. It just seems those fields were planted. Already the days have shortened. It is so strange, the older one gets the faster time flies.

Our son, Mike called today from Kansas City and said he never wanted to hear me complain about the North Dakota heat. He said today it was 108 degrees with a humidity factor of 90!!!-----I remember that kind of heat when we lived in Kansas!

I hope everyone is having a fun, fun summer. It is great hearing from you all. We are very excited about our 125th Party next summer and are looking forward to many, many people coming back to celebrate with us.

Our Edinburg-Mountain Youth Group leaves tomorrow morning at 7 AM on a mission trip with the destination a secret. Wherever they go they will be helping to build or re-build areas that need attention. I am guessing there are about 25 young people going on the trip. They will be in our prayers as they take this step of faith to venture into unknown territory.

July 23, 1946 was a very special day. Dad got a new combine for the harvest and I got a new baby brother. Happy 60th birthday Dave. Have a great day!

I hope everyone is having a great summer and will talk with you very soon again. A special thank you to Gil Jensen for stopping by to visit. It was fun to reminisce about Edinburg and it’s citizens. Looking forward to Gil and his wife Judy coming back next summer for our celebration.

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July 21, 2006

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