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I can almost hear everyone—“When is the Crow’s Nest going to be updated”? I don’t blame anyone for wondering. The Edinburg website has been giving me a hard time. I couldn’t get anything posted on it, and if I was able to it would lock up on me. Many a night was sleepless trying to figure out how to untangle this web mess. I finally called Rick Amundrud and he spent about 3 hours yesterday working on it and this morning walked me through some other maneuvers over the telephone. Hopefully, it will behave. The test will be to see if this copies and pastes properly from Microsoft Word. Exciting reading, huh?

Again I say spring is officially here. The hummingbirds returned May 9th. The orioles haven’t shown up yet. Rhubarb leaves are getting bigger and bigger in many a yard and the best is the smell of the lilac bushes down by the city park when I walk early in the morning. There is nothing better than walking early in the morning before there is much activity around. The peacefulness of 6 AM is so calm yet so energizing. The only noise is the mourning doves soulful song.

Fieldwork is in full swing. Many fields already are turning green. Halls are planting potatoes. The elevator is a busy place these days.

Congratulations to Bernice Flanagan for being named the SBA “Women in Business Champion of the Year”. The award was presented to her in Minot the beginning of May. I know I have said it before, but Bernice truly is Edinburg’s premier ambassador in promoting our town to people through-out the state and region.

I hope you notice the picture of the girls in their Scottish costumes and also the picture of the young gals in Native American dress. Louise (Kertz) Riphahn sent them and I thought everyone would enjoy remembering the past-----WAY past. We sure were young.

Last Tuesday night the Park Board members planted a tree in the City Park in memory of Gilman Johnson. Gilman was caretaker of the park for many, many years. Eva and her son, Daniel was there to be a part of the planting. It was all very nice.

Please take a few moments to read the update on our street light project on the Home Page. Also, on the Events Page I have written about a few city things.

It is with sadness I write about Burnell Troftgruben passing away. He and Judy have lived in Park River for many years. Marianne Eisenmann is home from Rochester after having a hip replaced. She is feeling very well and is up and about.

The time is here for me to see if this will post or not. Have a great day----especially Rosie Denault on her 50th birthday today.


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May 18, 2006

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If someone offers you a penny for your thoughts and you put in your two cents what happens to the other penny?

Question posed by Mike Olafson at early morning breakfast time at Norby's Diner