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Spring is definitely here!! How do I know? That’s easy to answer. Go outside and just listen for a minute or two. You will hear the geese honking loudly on their migration North and the wonderful sound of the robins and other birds chirping. Besides that, the yard is covered with snow mold, the tulips are peeking through the soil and there is that INCESSANT Spring wind blowing. I promise not to complain one bit as it is again wonderful to see, smell and hear the sounds of the season of re-birth.

We have had unusually mild temperatures the last 10 days or so. It has reached the upper 60’s for a few days. Weather like that puts everyone in a very “summer mode”! Our local TV weathermen have said we can expect daytime highs to return to normal ranges in the next few days. It is easy for me to get over anxious and think I should be out planting my garden RIGHT NOW. I have planted radishes and lettuce. In my defense, the seed packets say to plant as soon as the soil can be worked.

Spring not only rejuvenates the landscape it also rejuvenates the citizens. I have been walking every morning---and sometimes afternoons. My goodness, it seems half of Edinburg is out doing the same thing! I guess we are all sick of being inside during the long winter months. Many of the local citizens have been busy mowing their lawns for the first time along with cleaning out their gardens. Hall’s potato houses are getting new shingles. It is fun to see all this activity in town. Rodney Nygard said he was out in one of his fields with the harrow this past week. He got a big grin on his face when he talked about it. Everyone loves Spring!

Rose Denault just returned from “another” trip to Germany (I get so jealous)! She had a wonderful time. I truly think her friends need to start “worrying” about her. Rosie decided to wash clothes after she got home, so she turned the machine on, added detergent and let the machine fill and run. Guess what!!! She forgot to put clothes in!!! Could this be a sign that Rose is turning 50 next month???? Sorry Rosie for exposing you!

Marianne Eisenmann is in Rochester and will have surgery tomorrow morning on her hip. Bert says Marianne is a real trouper and has passed all the pre-surgery tests with flying colors. I will be thinking about her as I know she has had so much discomfort the past while.

I am happy to report Lynette Langerud is “up and running” again after knee surgery. She said yesterday in the Superette that she was so glad to get out again.

We had a very meaningful Good Friday Service and a joyous celebration this morning for Easter at Trinity. Sara Sorbo, Marlie Johansen and Chance Sveen sang "Worthy Is The Lamb". Their 3-part harmony sent chills up my spine. What beautiful music! The church was full as many family members from many places came “home” for the holiday. It is always a delight to see everyone. Have a great day!


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April 16, 2006

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