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Last Monday morning I awoke to wind howling, snow blowing and a downright nasty view outside my living room window. With a smile on my face I thought, “Now, this is the way winter should be”! I was delighted to think I could sit cozily in my home watching an old-fashioned blizzard. I knew I didn’t have to be anywhere---I selfishly was not thinking about people having to leave their homes for work, school and such. School was 2 hours late and the wind and snow blew for a while but pretty much ended by 10 AM. The wind and snow did make for icy roads in the area. Today our temperatures have hovered near the 40 degree mark. It really has been an unusual winter.

The Valley-Edinburg Titans play basketball tonight over in Crystal. They were 8 – 1 before dropping the last 3 games. I hope they have a good game tonight. I am sure it will be crowded as they are playing North Border (which includes Neche).

Our hometown gal, Sara Sorbo reached her 1,000 points last week playing basketball in Fordville. Sara plays for the Adams-Edmore Prowlers. She didn’t know she was close to 1,000 points so it was quite a surprise when they stopped the game to recognize her achievement. I understand all her team mates knew how close she was but they were all good at keeping it a secret from Sara. Congratulations!

I visited with John Evenson today and he said he is really feeling much better and stronger and soon ready to take on the world. It is great seeing him out and about again.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Johnny Seim. Johnny passed away Sunday night and his funeral was held at Trinity this morning. Gena said she knows it will really be lonesome now with Johnny gone. Do you realize they were married for 67 years? That is really something. Johnny was 95 years old. Many friends and relatives came to pay their respects to the life of Johnny and to his family.

I am putting out a request, no maybe more of a plea for readers to email me a picture or 2 that you maybe would like to see posted on the website for everyone to enjoy. There are only so many things I can take pictures of so I would appreciate any contributions. Just email them to and I will post as many as I can.

There is not a lot of activity other than basketball at this time of year in Edinburg. To liven up the community our Business Club is in the planning stages for a St. Patrick’s Day party March 17th. Bernice Flanagan has booked a polka band and we will serve an Irish Dinner before the dancing. Everyone had such a great time when the Norwegian tourists were here we decided to try a fun event again. Tickets will be $10 per person for the meal and evening entertainment. All monies will be used towards the new light poles for Main Street. Come and have a fun evening!

Fighting Sioux hockey is still a weekend priority in our household. Have a good day and will chat later.


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January 26, 2006

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