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Last Thursday at 9:20 AM a phenomenon took place in Edinburg. I looked out my kitchen window and could not believe what I was seeing. There was this bright, bright light in the back yard. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what was going on----there was actual sunlight peeking between the clouds! What a delight and treat that was. We have had cloudy weather since Christmas. Sadly, we are back to cloudy weather.

I know the weather is something we should not complain about---and we truly have no reason to complain about ours. We have had a very mild winter. Temperatures even have reached into the high 30’s and lower 40’s. Unfortunately, these warm temps have caused lots of fog and occasional freezing rain on our roadways making travel a bit treacherous. Our son, Mike and his family had horrible driving conditions coming from and going back to Kansas over the holidays.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It was so much fun to see all the sons and daughters and grandchildren home visiting in Edinburg over the holiday season. I know I enjoyed the activity in our home with 4 of the grandkids here. It seems there always was a game of scrabble being played along with eating and lots of laughing. But now it is back to our regular routine. School started last Tuesday in town and most of the college kids go back tomorrow.

The Valley-Edinburg Titans are winning basketball games. They won the championship at the Holiday Tournament in Park River during Christmas break. Last night they beat the Cavalier Tornadoes, 51-49. They obviously are a team to watch.

We also are “watching” Sara Sorbo. Sara is an outstanding player for the Adams-Edmore Prowler basketball team. Of course, we claim Sara as an Edinburger even though she goes to school in Edmore. Sara has played great basketball all four years of high school. She averages 15+ points per game and is a real team leader. Sara is the daughter of Allen and Judy Sorbo. Congratulations Sara for being a “stand-out” in everything you do.

Our sympathy goes out to Mary and Everett Seim. Mary’s sister, Grace Nelson died a couple of days ago in Missouri. Mary flew down to be with her. Grace lived for a time in Edinburg before moving to Missouri. Also, sympathy is extended to Bert and Marianne Eisenmann. Bert’s dad died this past week in Wisconsin. Our thoughts and prayers are with both families during this time of sorrow.

A very special congratulations goes to Kimberly and Travis Beck on the birth of their son, Anderson Lyle on New Years Eve. Grandpa Lyle Amundrud was SO proud to announce the birth last Sunday in church. We are so happy for both Kim and Travis and wish them the best. Grandpa Lyle said he was on his way down to meet his new grandson.

A little bird told me John Evenson was down at Cenex the other day for coffee. O, that table of “Truth and Knowledge” will really be buzzing again. We are so glad you are out and about and hopefully getting stronger every day.

The Trinity WELCA’s 125th Anniversary Cookbook should be delivered soon. Loretta Monson, Vera Brandvold and other committee members put lots of time and effort into making this a very special cookbook. Recipes were submitted by cooks from throughout the area. I think Trinity’s last cookbook was compiled in 1969-----AND-----people still call wondering if it is available anymore! The new cookbooks will be sold for $15 each and I know they will be worth every penny.

Spring is not far away. I got my Gurney Seed Catalog about a week ago and Mrs. Monson’s science students are busy working on Science Fair projects. Have a wonderful week and will talk with you later. A special thank you to Mitch and to Lisa for being such faithful readers of the website.


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