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It seems like just yesterday everyone was mowing their lawns for the last time and getting ready for winter. Christmas was a long way off so there was no hurry getting shopping done. How odd it is that Christmas is a week away. Now there is a hurry to get shopping plus everything else taken care of!

The holiday season has permeated the city of Edinburg. Last Sunday night Trinity Lutheran Church held their 43rd Annual Candlelight Service. The church was full. It was a wonderful night filled with lots of Christmas music by the combined choir made up of parishioners from Mountain, Gardar and Edinburg. Following the concert everyone was invited into the church dining room to enjoy lots of Christmas “goodies” along with coffee and hot apple cider. What a fun, fun evening it was for everyone.

This Christmas season has been filled with an abundance of wonderful tasting Norwegian and Icelandic delicacies. The various functions in town have offered up vinetarte, krumkake, pohannuker, kleiner, rommegrot, spritz and julekage. Just wait until Christmas Eve when households will dine on lutefisk, lefse, sot suppe, rullapollse and "hangikjot"--thank you Loretta Bernhoft for sending me the correct spelling (minus the Icelandic markings). This is an Icelandic delicacy made from smoked mutton. Our heritages are never more prevalent than during the holiday season.

Today we had our annual “Turkey Give-Away Day” in town sponsored by the Edinburg Business Club. Santa came about 1 PM to visit with the girls and boys. Following Santa’s visit friends and neighbors congregated at the Community Center where Christmas cookies, coffee and hot chocolate was served. We played 5 games of bingo for monetary prizes and also had drawings for $300 in cash. The local businesses purchase turkeys and names are drawn to win. It is a fun afternoon for everyone that attends. Patsy Foseide came away the “grand prize” winner. She won not only a turkey, but also $100. Congratulations Patsy!

Snowy and icy conditions just do not want to seem to give in to balmy, sunshiny weather. One of our Fargo television stations reported last night that the local police and highway patrol have investigated over 150 accidents on the roadways due to icy conditions and speed since Thanksgiving. His parting words to the interviewer were: Slow down and use common sense. Sounds like a good idea.

I have wonderful news to report tonight. David and Loretta Monson are grandparents! Their son, John and his wife, Christina had a baby girl yesterday. Her name is Madelyn May Monson. Grandpa David was trying to convince everyone they named her Madelyn David Monson. He was pretty convincing. John and Christina live in Carson City, Nevada. David and Loretta will fly there on the 27th of this month to be acquainted with their new grandchild. Of course as a great-aunt I have a vested interest in this little bundle of joy. We are SO happy for John and Christina. Today we were discussing what grandkids call their grandparents. Some of the names that came up were Gamma & Papa, Nana and Papa, Oma and Opa, Bumma and Bumpa, Ma and Pa----David thinks he and Loretta should be called Foxy and Chopper. Sounds good to me! Have a wonderful holiday season and will chat with you in a couple of weeks.


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December 17, 2005

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