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THE HONEYMOON IS OVER!! Winter is here. We went from 60 degree weather to snow. More snow is forecast for this area today through tomorrow. In fact early forecasts call for up to 8 inches of snow with 35 mph winds tonight. The one thing predictable about ND weather is how unpredictable it can be.

It is 3:15 AM and sleep just seems to elude me. The dense, dusky smell of a wood burning stove wafts through our partially opened bedroom window. The dark, still morning feels like a warm and cozy blanket around my shoulders. It is one of those early mornings that a cup of coffee really tastes good. I suppose somewhere in the recedes of my mind I am remembering the death of our mom a year ago tomorrow. It is not with sadness, but with the sweetness of all the years she was with us. I imagine I am also delighting in the fact Ruthie is another year older today----somehow our age gap never diminishes.

I suppose I could blame the early morning restlessness on Medicare—but I won’t. UFFDA, I have been trying to figure out the Prescription Drug Coverage—Part D for Orlando Gryde. It is hard weeding through all the jumble of information to come up with the best plan---It is even harder to understand all the information.

First Health Care Center in Park River is in the first phases of remodeling and rebuilding. It looks so bare around the hospital with the huge trees that have been removed to make way for new facilities. It is very exciting to think how fortunate the surrounding communities are to have this new venture in our midst. Fund drives are taking place now to help defray the expenses of such an undertaking.

The population growth in Edinburg is growing by leaps and bounds. Bruce and Diane Ralston are parents of a little guy named Jacob Landon. Jacob is welcomed home by his big sister Erica. Rod and Cryss Quanbeck just had a little girl named Emily Renee. Rod is director at the Park River Bible Camp and Cryss is Parish Outreach Minister for Trinity Church here in Edinburg and Pembina Hills Congregation in Mountain and Gardar. Bev Hammer announced the birth of a new grandchild also. It is so much fun to “ooo” and “aah” over these new babies.

I’m so glad Rosemary Denault came through thyroid surgery with flying colors and Bernice Flanagan did not have to have stents put in when she had an angiogram. Bernice can get back to kicking up her heels dancing the polka.

Winter not only brings a change in the weather it brings a migration of “snowbirds” heading back south. Bill and Janice Loftus are leaving today for their winter home in Mesa, AZ. Stephanie Gestson, Janice’s sister, said she would really miss them not being here. Steph will just have to go visit them.

I see lots of deer hunters, but haven’t seen many deer tagged in the back of pickups. We almost had a run in with a big buck coming home from a hockey game last weekend.

Our Business Club meets tomorrow so I am sure we will be making plans for Edinburg’s “Christmas Saturday”. The firemen’s “Big Bingo” is being held this coming Friday night. That always brings people to town to spend a night of playing bingo and visiting.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Our whole family will be together in Olathe and Lawrence, Kansas. I really am looking forward to that. I also need a new KU “Jayhawk” windbreaker! I plan to finish listening to Tim Russert’s book, “Big Russ and Me” on the way down. Love those books on CD’s. Have a great day.


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November 14, 2005

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