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WHEW!! It just doesn’t seem possible the Edinburg website has been up and running for a whole year! The year has lent itself to many hours of frustration trying to “get things to work” on the website. I thank you for your patience when the site isn’t updated as often as it should be. I had no clue that it would take so much time to maintain the site. I thoroughly enjoy the computer work and will try harder to make the Edinburg Page more appealing. I welcome ideas from everyone.

Hopefully spring is just around the corner. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there just seems to be something in the air that shouts “spring is here”. Hopefully that is not wishful thinking on my part. The last few days of warmer temperatures has helped the snow to disappear. Doran Olafson spotted robins a couple of weeks ago. Chuck has seen meadowlarks also. Paul Sigurdson saw 16 bald eagles out by his farm last week. Tulips are also peaking through the soil in front of our house.

Lenten season was very special this year as we shared it with the Pembina Hills congregation. It is great to be together as one group. Pastor Erik led a wonderful Easter Service. The rest of the day was very quiet in our household. We always have had a houseful, but this year it was Chuck, myself and Orlando. It actually was a fun and relaxing day. Of course, there were way too many left-overs.

Carol Bjornson is on her way home to Edinburg as I am typing this. We are so happy that both Carol and John will be in their own home tonight. Carol Pewe is recuperating from hip replacement surgery. We wish her a very speedy recovery. I understand surgery was a little more complex than the doctors had anticipated. O that Carol, she’s a feisty one so a little surgery won’t keep her down long! She’ll soon be dancing in the aisles at Cenex as she dusts the shelves.

Thank goodness for this week of March. Last week was too hectic trying to keep up with all the games in the Sweet Sixteen and the collegiate hockey play-offs. So glad we have “PIP” on our television sets. I guess I will have to root for North Carolina in the Final Four. I’m not a big fan of the Tarheels, but my son-in-law is and I want to keep my position as his favorite mother-in-law intact. It was a sad day when my KU Jayhawks lost. I really am waiting for the “Frozen Four” to start in Columbus, Ohio. Hope the UND hockey team goes all the way. I suppose I will sit with my nose to the television watching every play and holding my breath every time the puck heads towards Jordan Parise (UND goalie). He has had a super year. GO SIOUX!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Cliff Hilde. Cliff is in the hospital and is not very well. The older I get the more precious life becomes. Big holes are left in Edinburg when we lose people we care about. It has only been a few weeks since Lloyd Gire died. That whole generation is slowly leaving us. Ron Ulberg was here last weekend for the funeral of Edith Kadlec. He emailed to say his dad, Marvin is hospitalized down in the cities with pneumonia and heart failure.

The school prom is just around the corner---April 9th. I have been busy shortening Heather Foseide’s gown. It is just beautiful. It is red with lots and lots of beading on it. She looks just gorgeous in it. Heather is going to the prom with Kelby Laxdal. They went together last year also. I plan to go watch the GRAND MARCH with Laurie (Heather’s mom). I will take pictures to post on the website.

I flew to Kansas City for a wedding a couple of weekends ago. The bright yellow forsythia was in bloom, but the trees were still bare and the grass was brown. It wasn’t all that warm either. (Loved that as I didn’t want them to be enjoying spring when we weren’t---it’s a family thing!) I know Ruth and Greg are enjoying green grass and warm weather in Florida. Hope they bring some home with them in their suitcases. Have a great day.


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March 30, 2005

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