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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the day. It is a special day for Chuck and Suzie Kartes as they are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. I remember their wedding day as we were down at the Ramada Inn in Grand Forks celebrating mom and dad’s 45th wedding anniversary when Chuck and Suzie came there to enjoy their honeymoon. It does not seem that long ago. My, time flies.

We just got home from the Potato Bar Benefit for Carol Bjornson. It was held at the school before the Edinburg-Valley vs Adams-Edmore basketball game. I understand about 300 people came for great food and lots of good conversation. Thrivent was supporting this benefit with supplemental funds. What a great out-pouring of community involvement. Carol has been such a vital part of the school----probably the glue that holds everything together. She is loved and missed by those that work with her everyday. That was very apparent by how vigorously the teachers and school employees implemented this benefit with much enthusiasm. The best part will be if Carol and John can come home on Thursday. I sure hope so.

I got home in time to watch my Kansas University Jayhawks play basketball. Both Chuck and I have been huge KU fans since 1985 when we moved to Leavenworth, KS. I have been in Allen Fieldhouse one time and it was so awesome I almost started to hyperventilate. It is almost impossible to get tickets as most are season (or lifetime) ticket holders except for the student sections. We attended the game there when UND came down to play KU. This was when Jeff Boschee played for KU. I own about 6 KU sweatshirts, my checkblanks have the KU Jayhawk on them and we’re hooked up to digital cable so we can watch any KU games that “might” come on ESPN2!!! Sadly to say they lost 79 – 80 in double overtime to Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech. O well, I know KU will be around for March Madness.

I did something daring over the weekend (or I should say my daughter, Kris did something daring for me). She painted my kitchen BRICK RED. I love it!!! Chuck has not commented yet so I think there may be a message I just may be ignoring. We have this wide, open house with no walls so this rather defines the kitchen area. Our kitchen, living room and dining room are all in ONE BIG SPACE!!! Our staircase to the lower basement level is smack-dab in the middle of this huge room. When we built our house I lobbied vigorously for a”fire pole” down to the lower level. I didn’t get it. Still wish I had one. Anyway, I am enjoying the kitchen. I wonder what I could do with the lower level as that also has a family room, two workrooms, fruit room, bedroom, bathroom, PLUS a kitchen. Could I paint it purple????

We are glad to have Cliff Hilde “up and running” again. Cliff is undergoing treatments for lung cancer. It has not been easy for him. He attended our local Business Club meeting the other day. It was great to have him there to adjourn the meeting. Cliff is the official “adjourner” of the Business Club meetings.

We had spring like weather over the weekend. Don Bitterman was out “scraping the streets” trying to get rid of some of the ice. Doesn’t the first of April sound nice????



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February 14, 2005

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Question of the week:

What Do you like about Edinburg in the winter.

Leroy Pederson:. I like that we can just be able to relax at home without the "busyness" of summer.

John H. Johnson: The fact that I don't have to mow the lawn. In my lifetime I have probably spent 10,000 hour sitting on the tractor. I sure don't want to have to sit on a lawnmower!

Joy Lane: I think the people are so nice and friendly.

Mary Langerud: It is fun working at Cenex. The customers keep me laughing.

Mara Jonasson: I love to watch my brother play basketball and sometimes go for Mexican food on Wednesday nights.