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HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is a Wednesday afternoon, and as I am sitting at my computer I am keeping one eye looking outside at the weather----or lack of it! Blizzard warnings have crawled across the television screen since yesterday. The weathermen are predicting winds of 35 to 40 mph plus plunging temperatures. The last part of December we really experienced cold, cold times. One morning it was 39 degrees below in Grafton---and that was not the wind chill factor.

Christmas in Edinburg was wonderful. The community celebrated our annual Santa Day and Turkey Give-away December 18th. We had a nice crowd that gathered to visit and eat Christmas goodies. It was a good day for our household as we took home $125 in winnings from a cash drawing and playing bingo. I was feeling a little embarrassed by it all.

Christmas for us was a little different this year as our family did not come until December 28th. Christmas Eve was quiet with a very meaningful service at church. It was a nice time of reflecting on everything that had happened over the past year.

Excitement began when all the kids started coming home. Our kids came from Kansas City and Minot. David and Loretta’s came from Reno and Minneapolis. New Year’s Eve morning saw 25 Monson family members at our home for brunch and a wild gift exchange-----we can and do take one another’s gifts! We have a fun time. That night we had our own family Christmas. I thought it would be fun to fondue so I dusted off my 5 fondue pots (if one is good 5 is even better), and cut up 16 pounds of sirloin. Think about it---16 pounds of sirloin is a whole lot of meat cubes! Good thing I had that much as it sure was eaten. I had forgotten about appetites of 12 year old boys. There were 3 of them plus the other 3 grandchildren and the adults. Twelve of us ate all that meat----well actually only 11 people ate sirloin as I pretty much am a vegetarian and didn’t have any.

Of course the “Main Event” was Katie and TJ’s wedding. I know there were lots of anxious moments for Ruth and others. The night of rehearsal it just dumped snow on Edinburg. Rehearsal Dinner was at the Alexander House in Park River. The snowplow went through so everyone made it down for the dinner.

Wedding Day (New Year’s Day) dawned with snow falling again. Fred spent many hours with the tractor and snowplow over trying to keep the churchyard opened for cars to park. The wedding began at 4:45 PM with the most gorgeous bride and handsome groom center stage. It was a beautiful wedding. The dinner and dance were held at the Edinburg Community Center. We were served a delicious meal of boneless pork loin, new “creamer” potatoes, carrots and all the accouterments. We all “danced the night away”-----well at least some did. My grandchildren had a great time----as did my son-in-law. I think he danced with almost everyone in attendance. There was a tired group of people Sunday morning. Our son and his family left at 5:30 AM to get back to Kansas City. He said the roads were almost impassable all the way to the South Dakota border.

It looked like I would finally be able to catch up on “things to do” such as working on the website. That all changed in short order. Monday night (or Tuesday morning) I started getting sick. That was January 4th. It is now the 12th and I am still sick. I understand lots of it is going around. I don’t know when I have ever been so down and out with illness. I try to accomplish something and within 15 minutes I have to lie down and rest. I am sure I must sleep 16 hours out of every day. I also cough lots.

Having the flu pales in comparison to the terrible tragedy caused by the Tsunami in Asia and other parts of that area. My heart is just broken when I see the pictures of all the devastation. It is hard to even begin to know how truly awful this is for the people of that area of the world. I look around at the little world I live in and thank God for everything I have. It is just hard to comprehend losing whole families. I see Pastor Erik has posted reminders in our church to not only pray for everyone in this area, but to also monetarily donate so supplies can be brought into help the countries as quickly as possible.

Also my heart and prayers go to the people living in California, Utah and up and down the West Coast. I see the pictures of the mudslides, devastation and loss of life and think how fortunate we are to live this North Dakota “Life in the Vast Lane” with its miles of sheer flat landscape. It is heart-wrenching to see how destructive mother nature can be in some instances and the heartache that results.

Have a good week and will visit later.


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January 12, 2005

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Have a wonderful New Year!

"The wedding began at 4:45 PM with the most gorgeous bride and handsome groom center stage. It was a beautiful wedding."