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As the song goes, “It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.” Main street Edinburg looks so nice with the Christmas trees in the planters and Christmas banners on the poles. The homes around town also look so festive with all their Christmas lights. The snow on the ground only adds to the holiday atmosphere. I can stand outside my house and listen to Christmas music coming from Ruth and Greg’s outside speakers. Trinity Sunday School held their annual Christmas Program last Sunday evening. This coming Saturday Santa will be in Edinburg to visit all the children. All of these activities make me excited for the celebration of Christmas.

There was a nice turn out of caring people for the “Soup and Sandwich” benefit for Sherry Tagestad and her son Torrey last Wednesday evening. They lost their home to a fire. Fortunately no one was hurt.

I received an email from Shane and Jill (Langerud) Waslaski last Tuesday saying little Maggie was being taken by ambulance to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital for thoracic surgery. AN UPDATE: Maggie had surgery Thursday, December 9th. She came through with flying colors. Sweet little Maggie has gone through so much in her short little life. Shane hopes to be able to keep family and friends informed of Maggie’s progress through Children’s Hospital “Caring Bridge” found at I know these past few months have been very stressful for Shane and Jill. They are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

I just received a couple of emails from Bernie Mullen. He is stationed in Iraq. Congratulations to Bernie on being promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSG). He said temperatures have gone from 140 degrees to 50 degrees this past little while. He was wishing for snow. Bernie said they go on daily missions whether it is patrols or raids. They also continually take mortar fire. He stated they do much rebuilding missions such as building schools and helping farmers purchase seed and equipment. Bernie sends Christmas greetings to everyone and hopes he will be stateside by March. His address is: It is so much fun to hear from him. I have posted a couple of pictures he sent.

Cliff Hilde has been in the hospital in Park River now for over a week. He had pneumonia and his lungs were filling with fluid. He was supposed to start chemo last week. I am not sure if he did. He also is in my thoughts and prayers. We had our monthly Business Club meeting today. We really miss Cliff at these meetings as he has held the position of official “meeting adjourner” for many years.

This will be a different Christmas for us. Chuck and I will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone. That is not all bad-----we have church Christmas Eve and then maybe just the 2 of us can fondue or something that takes time. Usually it is “eat as fast as you can because the grandkids want to open presents”. Christmas Day we plan to go and watch World Hockey in Grand Forks. All of our kids and their families are coming after Christmas so they will be here for TJ and Katie’s wedding on New Years Day. That will be a fun time with all the cousins home. I am sure they will all congregate down at Rosie’s one night just to sit and have a good time just being together.

Here is wishing all of you a wonderful and joyous Holiday Season. Will visit with you at a later date


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December 14, 2004

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Have a very Merry Christmas and a joyful Holiday Season!